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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Kuri has reduced his price for Lap-Band Surgery. We provide ground transportation from the San Diego Airport or Border Parking, two night’s hospital stay (for you and a companion), plus all costs associated with the surgical procedure. To find out the price, please fill out the form listed below:

Dr Kuri performs ALL surgeries with the FDA Approved Allergan Lap Band

Some surgeons in Mexico use bands that are NOT FDA Approved. This may be a huge a problem for patients who live in the US and Canada and need to have their bands adjusted. While there is nothing wrong with those other bands, getting the necessary fills/adjustments will most likely not be possible in the US or Canada. Generally speaking, US and Canadian doctors will not provide services to patients that do not have a FDA approved Lap Band. This will require those patients to return to Mexico for adjustment at an additional cost to the patient. Be aware that some surgeons in Mexico are not using FDA approved bands. Because of this they are able to offer the surgery at a much lower price. Always inquire as to which band will be used and make sure it is FDA approved.

What you need to know about the different types of Adjustable Gastric Bands

Did you know that there are 9 adjustable gastric bands manufactured throughout the world? The important thing to know is that only two of them are FDA approved for use in the US and Canada. They are the Allergan Lap-Band and the Realize Band.

Perhaps you have heard that Dr. Kuri does not use the “newest” Allergan Lap-Band

There is a very good reason for that. The Allergan AP Lap-Band was released to coincide with the introduction of the Realize band system. The AP band as well as the Realize band take much larger fill volumes (the amount of fluid needed to adjust the band). Over time as was predicted, these larger fill volumes have made both band systems more difficult to adjust resulting in slower weight loss for the patient. Many surgeons are now rethinking the use of these newer bands because of this. Dr. Kuri prefers the ease of adjusting patients who have the earlier model of Allergan Lap-Band. This model is still in production and offered throughout the world today. It has a longer patient use record than any other competing adjustable gastric band system. It is the band that Dr. Kuri and many other surgeons throughout the world prefer to use and will continue to use.
The Lap BandAdjustable Gastric Banding System is a simple yet advanced gastric banding system that helps you gradually lose and control your weight with long term success. The LAP-BAND is simply placed around the stomach to restrict food intake and provide an early sensation of fullness after eating a meal.

Imagine Not Feeling Hungry All Day Long!

The Lap BandAdjustable Gastric Banding System is a simple yet advanced gastric banding system that helps you gradually lose and control your weight with long term success. The LAP-BAND is simply placed around the stomach to restrict food intake and provide an early sensation of fullness after eating a meal.

The Lapband is a Safe, Reversible, and Effective Alternative to the Gastric Bypass procedure.

One of the unique qualities of the LAPBAND is that it can be adjusted or removed. Unlike the traditional Gastric Bypass procedure where your stomach is cut, stapled, and the intestine rerouted, the LAPBAND is secured by simple and minimal stitching. If removed, the stomach typically returns to its original state/function. Also, the risk of having post-surgery nutritional deficiencies associated with the Gastric Bypass procedure is much less.

Gastric banding surgery is a minimally invasive, adjustable and reversible weight loss solution. The adjustable gastric band is the top weight loss surgical procedure used by surgeons to treat severe obesity:

  • The surgical procedure is minimally invasive.
  • Gastric banding surgery has fewer risks and side effects than other obesity surgeries.
  • Gastric banding effectively provides long term weight loss.
  • Gastric banding surgery is approved by the FDA as a surgical treatment for obesity.
  • Gastric banding is the only weight loss treatment that is adjustable and reversible.
  • You can have your gastric band filled at numerous band fill locations throughout the country.

Since the introduction of the Lap-Band system, Dr. Pedro Kuri has performed more Lap-Band Surgeries than any other surgeon in the world. There are medical groups that have collectively performed more procedures than Dr. Kuri. However, no single surgeon has performed more Lap-Band Surgeries to date.

The Experience and Record of Dr. Pedro Kuri

Dr. Kuri has been performing the Lap-Band procedure before the FDA approved its use in the states. Due to this fact, Dr. Kuri often has much more experience than U.S. Doctors. Since the Lap-Band was approved by the FDA in 2001, many people have undergone this type of weight loss surgery for morbid obesity. However, it wasn't until recently this year that the FDA lowered the BMI requirements for patients with a BMI level of between 30 to 40. Subsequently more people then ever are now eligible for surgery. Due to the strict requirements of the FDA, many U.S. bariatric surgeons have limited or no experience with the Lap-Band. Now that many of the restrictions have been lifted by the FDA and insurance carriers are beginning to cover the procedure, many less experienced surgeons are taking the opportunity to cash in. Recent news confirms how important it is to consider the reputation, experience and integrity, of the surgeon you choose, rather than on price alone. Billboards along the countries highways have lured some patients into surgery with less qualified surgeons with devastating results. Reports recently surfaced that Lap-Band surgeons affiliated with the 1-800-GET-THIN advertising campaign in Beverly Hills were criticized as having sub standard facilities and directed to improve their clinic or be forced to shut down. One would assume that a clinic in Beverly Hills of all places would have a good reputation due to its location and high-end clientelle. However, perception is often not the reality and there are inadequate professionals in every field. One of the most important factors in choosing a surgeon is experience and training. Dr Kuri has shown time and time again over the years that he is a dedicated, well-trained, and extremely proficient surgeon of the Lap-Band system. Often people assume that if a physician is trained in the U.S. they are automatically a superior doctor. However, some of the best surgeons in the world are foreign born and trained. Many of these foreign doctors often go to medical school abroad and later practice in the U.S. Currently there are over 9,500 foreign doctors practicing in the U.S. The training and experience Dr. Kuri brings to the table as a surgeon of 30 years, performing nearly 5,000 Lap-Band procedures in the past 11 years – highly distinguishes himself from other surgeons in his field. Dr. Kuri understands and speaks english fluently, which enables him to answer any and all questions a patient may have and to clearly understand a patient's needs. His love and dedication to his patients is unparalleled, and apparent to all know him. Dr. Kuri treats his patients with love, dignity, and respect. Annually Dr. Kuri invites all of his patients back to Mexico to celebrate their success at the annual Kuri Bandster Bash. Dr Kuri is always available to his patients. If the office is closed, phone calls are forwarded to his personal cell phone. Our patients are always amazed that they can speak directly with Dr. Kuri even if he is out of the office. This kind of personal access to a physician is very uncommon. Dr. Kuri has a large team of support staff available to his patients including patient facilitators, on-site office personnel, and a patient education coordinator. He also provides a online patient forum to support his patients after care, education, and to further their success along every step of their journey. In addition, Dr. Kuri works with a number of outside service providers to provide his patients with resources and information, including local fill providers.

If you have any questions or need assistance in reaching our office, please contact us toll-free at 1-888-517-3592.


Safe, Affordable, and Professional Lap-Band Surgery with Dr. Kuri & Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, Mexico

State of the Art Medical Facility

The $70 million dollar Hospital Angeles is a full-service facility featuring the most advanced medical equipment, a fully functioning Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care, Blood Bank, MRI, CT as well as Emergency Services. Patients stay in Suites which include a private bathroom, Cable TV with DVD, and restful accommodations for a companion. Expertise Dr. Kuri, a general surgeon for over 30 years, has chosen to specialize in the Lap-Band procedure for the last 11 years. He has personally performed over 3,500 Lap-Band procedures. Considering that the Lap-Band was only recently approved in the US, most US surgeons do not have the extensive experience Dr. Kuri has, nor the impressive track record. Affordable The financial benefit to surgery outside of the US is significant. Our price is usually a fraction of our US competitors. Even those that have the option of using their insurance sometimes find that their out-of-pocket expenses exceed or match what they would pay Dr. Kuri for his all-inclusive package. Also, any medical related expense, including travel expenses, are tax deductible. Many patients have found that they get back a large portion of their expense in a tax return. (Always check with your tax specialist to see what will work for you.)

Travelling Is Easy

We have traveling for surgery down to a science. No matter what route you choose, we provide cross-border transportation to make the process as safe and simple as possible. We recommend a two night stay at the Palacio Azteca Hotel. If you choose to stay in a hotel, we provide transportation to and from the hotel and hospital as well. Bottom line is: you are cared for from the moment you arrive.

Availability of the Surgeon and Staff

One of the things Dr. Kuri's patients appreciate most is the availability of he and his staff. Our office is open Monday through Saturday 8:30am - 8:00pm. During off hours, our phone rings directly to Dr. Kuri. Patients are frequently shocked when they get their surgeon in the middle of the night. You can't get that sort of attention in the States!

Support – At Home and Abroad

Dr. Kuri has nearly 5,000 patients that are available to each other for support. We have an online support group called the Kuri Patient Board, in addition to a Patient Educator, team of Patient Facilitators, and other support staff.


Fill Providers: We have an extensive list of fill providers in various US cities and Canadian provinces. Included is information on how to contact the provider, how much the fill appointments cost (they vary), and any other additional information available. Many patients choose to sometimes use a local provider, but to check in with Dr. Kuri now and again for a fill and check up. Dr. Kuri's fills are FREE FOR LIFE. He loves seeing his patients post surgery!

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