• Julie M | 77 pounds lost in 10 months


    I am a 33-year-old mom who has struggled with weight my whole life.  After I delivered my first son, I started doing some research on the Lapband. I talked to one of Dr. Kuri’s nurses and just wanted to learn more! While I was pregnant with my second son, my husband and I went to […]

    Julie M | 77 pounds lost in 10 months
  • Alison T. has lost 75 lbs


    “Since January 2010 I have lost 75lbs so far and am really happy. I am back into sizes that I wore 20 years ago. I feel so much better and am so grateful!!! I would still like to lose maybe another 15-20 pounds but I feel really good where I am.”

    Alison T. has lost 75 lbs
  • Joe T. lost 125 lbs


    “I’m doing fabulous. I have lost 125 pounds and feel fantastic!”

    Joe T. lost 125 lbs
  • Adriana


  • Lisa | Lost over 70 lbs


    “Being banded is the best thing I have ever done for myself…” I spent my youth on an island where I was constantly backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing & swimming & my 20s in the Sierra Nevada & Rocky Mountains & on the ocean as a commercial diver. I dove, taught skiing, packed mules & climbed […]

    Lisa | Lost over 70 lbs
  • Cynthia | Lost 58 lbs


    Cynthia lost over 58 lbs”

    Cynthia | Lost 58 lbs
  • Lisa | Lost over 60 lbs


    Lisa lost over 60 lbs!”

    Lisa | Lost over 60 lbs
  • Gail | Lost 22 lbs


    Gail lost 22 lbs and counting!”

    Gail | Lost 22 lbs
  • Tina G | Lost 65 lbs


    Tina G | Lost 65 lbs”

    Tina G | Lost 65 lbs
  • Debbie | Lost over 100 lbs


    Debbie | Lost over 100 lbs”

    Debbie | Lost over 100 lbs