Day 1 – Arrival at the Hospital Angeles

hospitalangelesIt is important that patients arrive one day prior to surgery. When the patient arrives at Hospital Angeles for surgery, there are a few steps involved in the check-in process. These steps include an in-depth medical history performed by our Internist, Dr. Peterson. Patients will then complete preoperative tests including various lab work, an EKG, and physical exam. There have been very few cases of anyone sent back without the surgery, but all precautions are taken to ensure your safety and well-being. Upon completing their preoperative screening, patients are then admitted to the hospital to settle into their patient suites.

Upon completing their preoperative screening, patients are then admitted to the hospital to settle into their patient suites.

Once admitted, patients are able to settle into their patient suite, spend time with their companions, and enjoy a meal at or around the hospital prior to an orientation conducted by Dr. Kuri and his team. In this orientation, Dr. Kuri will describe the procedure and make sure that patients understand their responsibilities, including adopting and maintaining new eating patterns and a new lifestyle. After orientation, patients are expected to return to their suite for rest and relaxation in anticipation of their surgery early the next morning.

Day 2 – Day of Surgery

lobby-dkThe morning of surgery, you will be escorted to surgery by a staff nurse. Although the surgical procedure only takes 25 minutes on average, there is a similar amount of time required for anesthesia. Companions are invited to wait and relax in the waiting areas or patient suites, available for Dr. Kuri so he can inform them of their loved one’s progress in surgery.

Patients relax and rest in their suite after the surgery. Throughout that day and night, they are visited by our staff nurse, as well as Dr. Kuri to personally make sure the patient is comfortable.

Day 3 – Day after Surgery

Patients are discharged the morning after surgery. We recommend a two night stay at Hotel Palacio following surgery. Although many of our patients are able to fly home the day following surgery, it is nice to have the option to rest and relax close to their surgeon as they experience some of the discomfort that follow surgery. When their stay is complete, transportation is provided either from the hospital or hotel back to the original arrival location in the US.

Once you have returned home from surgery, you will have access to extensive Patient Support Services including support from your Patient Facilitator, Patient Educator, and peer support on the Kuri Online Patient Forum!

Travel to Mexico

transpo-dkWe have traveling for surgery down to a science. No matter what route you choose, we provide cross-border transportation to make the process as safe and simple as possible. We recommend a two nights stay at the Palacio Azteca Hotel following surgery. If you choose to stay in a hotel, we provide transportation to and from the hotel and hospital as well. Bottom line: you are cared for from the moment you arrive.

Angela and Alicia in Dr. Kuri’s office will help coordinate your travel arrangements, informing you of the most optimal time for arrival and departure. They will provide follow up confirmations as well as schedule and coordinate your ground transportation.

Important information about travel

Bringing a Companion

Many patients travel alone to Mexico to have surgery. This decision is based on your own personal preferences. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other Kuri patients at the hospital, make new friends, and have the support of Dr. Kuri’s staff while there.

We do find that the majority of our patients, however, bring someone to accompany them to Mexico for surgery. Your companion will help you travel, assist with your luggage (No lifting allowed after surgery), provide you with moral support, and help you keep track of the post surgery support paperwork and instructions we provide. In general, they will be a helpful advocate for you. Your hospital room offers a comfortable day couch for one adult if you want your companion to stay with you, but many choose the comfort and privacy of a hotel only a short distance away.