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JoAnn Jackson, RN, BSN

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Your Patient Facilitator

Joann will be your very own Patient Facilitator throughout your journey.  She will be there to support, listen, and follow up with you throughout your entire Lap-Band journey – even if it’s years after you were banded! She can answer any of your questions and/or concerns, and tell you anything you want to know about the Lap-Band. JoAnn is a past patient of Dr. Kuri’s and has experienced weight loss success with the Lap-Band firsthand!

Joann was banded by Dr. Kuri in 2006, and lost over 100 lbs in her first year. JoAnn’s background in the medical field has helped her understand the importance of being at a healthy weight and the incredible toll that carrying excess weight can have on your body and your life.

The privilege of working as a Facilitator for Dr. Kuri and Associates has become my purpose and passion. Dr. Kuri and the Lap-Band has given me back my life and it is now my mission to help as many people as possible attain this surgery. Guiding people through the process of shedding the shackles of excess weight that has bound them is of primary importance to me. I want them to experience the joy that comes from being at a normal and healthy weight once again. My background as a ICU/Interventional nurse has been of primary importance in preparing me to educate people as they journey through this surgery process and beyond.

Joann’s Success Story

Prior to making the decision to be banded I was a physical wreck. I remember telling my PCP that if I did not do something soon, I would be in a wheelchair within two years. I truly believe that this would have been my fate as it had become increasingly difficult for me to walk.

My husband and children are thrilled with the changes in my physical condition. They had previously been so worried for me as my weight had become so out of control.  When I went back to Mexico for a band check this past October, Dr. Kuri said to me “Oh Dios mio, you have your life back!” Truer words were never spoken. I do indeed have a new, healthy and beautiful life.

As an Interventional Radiology/ICU nurse, I researched very carefully before choosing to be banded in Mexico. The care that I received by Dr. Kuri and his team was truly exceptional. I couldn’t be more delighted with every single aspect of my care and the results from my Lap Band.