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Getting Saucy – Make Healthier Sauces and Dressings

Flavorful salad dressings and sauces can bring healthy meals to a whole new level — they make vegetables, lean meats, whole-grain pastas, and salads taste even better. Store-bought products can be loaded with fat, calories, and sodium, learning to make your own sauces and salad dressings is an important skill when it comes to preparing good-for-you dishes

How to Keep Your Picnic Healthy

A picnic always sounds like such a healthy summer activity. And sometimes it is. But then other times it ends up turning into an outdoor junk food fest. Typical picnic food like chips, hot dogs, and high calorie sodas can ruin a diet in a hot minute. If you want to keep your outing healthy, try one of these picnic ideas. The food selections will keep your diet on track and the activities will help to you move more so that you don't fall victim to mindless overeating.

Shave 100 Calories From Your Diet

Did You Know... That often it is only a matter of 100 extra calories a day that can cause you to gain weight steady over time. When people are watching their weight they are keen to cut out some of the more obvious foods that trip you up during weight loss like desserts and fatty foods. But it is often something small like adding too much cream in your coffee daily, adding too much salad dressing or having a heavy hand when using cooking oil that can push your calorie budget an extra 50, 100, 200, calories a day. Over time those sneaky calories can really add up to pounds on the scale. Shaving a few calories here and there is a great way to reduce overall intake. These tricks are so simple and easy, you'll never know what you're missing.

Are You a Smart Snacker?

If you grew up believing that eating snacks between meals was a sure path to weight gain, you’ll be happy to hear that this is now outmoded thinking. A planned snack can actually help prevent overeating. If you wait to eat until you're starving, it's hard not to overeat once you sit down at the table. If you have a small snack to curb your hunger, you won’t be famished when you sit down for lunch or dinner, which can make it easier to control how much you eat during meals. Learn how to curb your hunger and control your weight with smart snacking. Start with these steps to make healthy snack choices:

Tips for Building a Healthier Salad

Nothing sounds healthier than a salad, right? It may be, but not if you add the wrong ingredients. After that salad is loaded down with goodies like cheese, croutons, fatty meats and creamy dressings, you may have saved more calories if you had the hamburger. That's not to say that either one was a very good choice for a smart weight loss plan. Don't be fooled by this proverbial wolf in sheep's salad dressing. That said, don't give up on salads — they can be a filling, low-cal option and a great way to satisfy your daily vegetable requirements. Just follow these guidelines for making the perfect healthy salad — and you'll never have to worry again.

What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

You’ve probably heard that 200 calories is about right for a snack, but finding something that comes in at or just under that number isn’t always easy. Unless a food comes in a box or a bag with a handy nutrition label, knowing how many calories one serving can have could present a challenge. We compiled a very eye-opening list of 200 calorie foods by volume and nutrient density.

Diet & Nutrition 6 Vegan Habits Everyone Should Adopt (Without Giving Up Meat)

Vegan Tips for Carnivores? For meat-lovers, “vegan” may be a dirty five-letter-word – but we all have to admit that those following a vegan diet tend to have a smart approach to eating, filling their carts with fresh produce and possessing a strong awareness of what they’re putting on their plates. While the diet may be too extreme for many, there are some sensible, healthy vegan habits that we all should be copying – carnivores included. Leave the meat on your plate, but take these six other veg-friendly tips to heart.

Guilt Free Snacking After Weight Loss Surgery

Successful Lap Band and Gastric sleeve patients keep their meal portions small. The right snack can help you fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet between your main meals and can help keep your hunger and cravings from getting the upper hand. But it is important to know the difference between a "treat" that is a once in a while indulgence, and a "snack" that can be added to a healthy diet twice a day. Below is a few examples of simple guilt-free ways to stay happy and full between meals

Tips for Smart Snacking after Weight Loss Surgery

Enjoying a healthy snack at least twice a day can help stabilize your blood sugar, curb hunger and fight cravings for unhealthy food. To avoid getting so famished that you'll be tempted to overeat at mealtime, plan to have a snack in the mid-morning and again in the mid-afternoon. Make your snacks count by following these tips:


Eating healthy is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself. Giving your body the nutrients it needs, can help you function at your peak while keeping your weight in check. The problem for many of us is not that we don’t want to eat healthy, but that we don’t always know how to eat healthy. You may know you need more fruits and veggies, but what you really need to know is how to sneak more into your diet.


193These Smart Start menus are a good road map to putting it all together. You can follow them exactly or use them as an example and make adjustments.

Click on the titles to view recipes



171-1Crustless Veggie Mini-Quiches: Veggie Mini-Quiches – love these for breakfast, but they are also great as appetizers or as a side dish. […]


193These Smart Start menus are a good road map to putting it all together. You can follow them exactly or use them as an example and make adjustments.

Click title to view recipe



56-1Low Calorie Raspberry and Mango Smoothie:

With only four ingredients, this raspberry and mango smoothie is super fast, especially if you store previously cut-up mango […]

Avoid the Afternoon Energy Slump – Snack Ideas for 100 Calories or Less

When the afternoon slump hits, it can be tempting to reach for the office candy jar or swing by the vending machine to help you push through that sluggish feeling until dinnertime. But unfortunately, junk food’s quick sugar rush will disappear in minutes, leaving you groggier than you were before. But it’s not all bad. Studies show that regular mini meals or snacks can help regulate blood sugar, improve metabolism, and prevent overeating later. Instead, it’s time to pick your 3 p.m. poison more wisely.

Kitchen Gadgets That Can Help You Lose Weight

One of the easiest ways to save calories (and a few dollars) is to cook your own meals. Yet time constraints and work and family responsibilities often make eating at home a challenge. Investing in a few kitchen gadgets can help. With the right tools, you can simplify meal preparation, shorten cooking time, and enjoy healthier meals — all while inching closer to your weight loss goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started, Read More

Healthy Eating With Diabetes

Most people with diabetes have learned that what they choose to eat and drink can help raise or lower their blood sugar levels after meals. Aiming for a healthy balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat in your meals can help you manage your blood sugars. See which foods you should choose if you have diabetes?