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Dr. Kuri has Gone Social!

|||Dr. Kuri has Gone Social!

Dr. Kuri has Gone Social!


One of the many benefits of having Dr. Kuri as your surgeon is being part of his online community. Dr. Kuri’s online community is an invaluable resource to gain support, references, and insight from Dr. Kuri himself, team members, and other Kuri patients about their own true life experiences with the Lap- Band. Now, we are excited to announce that Dr. Kuri is expanding his support and online community by going social with Facebook and Twitter!

By just logging on to your favorite social networking site, you can now get resourceful information at your finger tips. Just follow Dr. Kuri on Twitter, become his friend on Facebook, or even become a Fan of Dr. Kuri & Associates by clicking the “like” Button and receive new posts to your facebook page. All of these will give you access to important information, daily reminders and tips, information on any upcoming events, and even yet another way to keep in touch with your Patient Facilitator and Patient Education Coordinator. You can even share or tweet information you find right from our pages to your social networks and friends. It doesn’t matter if you are already Banded or considering the Lap-Band, you are sure to walk away with some new knowledge and best of all – support.

Here are some of the other things you will find on Dr. Kuri’s Facebook and Twitter page:

• Band management tips including fill information;
• Educational videos;
• Nutritional information, including diet tips and featured recipes;
• Motivational tips for when you are at a standstill;
• Exercising tips, including how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine;
• The 10 Lap-Band rule reminders;
• Keeping in touch with your fellow Bandsters;
• Pictures from all Kuri events and even some support groups!

Whatever your reason, you are sure to gain even more support and knowledge than you ever thought you could.

Learn how to improve your nutrition one day at a time, learn the advantages of the Lap-Band, and learn daily Bandster tips by just becoming Dr. Kuri’s friend on Facebook, fan of Dr. Kuri & Associates, and by following him on Twitter! See you there!