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Easy Ways to Get More Water In Your Day

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Easy Ways to Get More Water In Your Day

getty_rm_photo_of_glass_of_water_on_bellyStay Slimmer With Water
Trying to lose weight? Water revs up metabolism and helps you feel full.

One of the secrets to weight loss is staying hydrated. Sipping water before your meals can help you take in fewer calories when you start to eat by starting to fill you slowly. Drinking more water helps amp up metabolism – especially if your glass is icy cold. Your body must work to warm the water up, burning a few extra calories in the process.


Stay Regular With Water

Along with fiber, water is important for good digestion. Water helps dissolve waste particles and passes them smoothly through your digestive tract. If you’re dehydrated, your body absorbs all the water, leaving your colon dry and making it more difficult to pass waste.

Water Reduces Kidney Stones

The rate of painful kidney stones is rising. One of the reasons could be because people — including children — aren’t drinking enough water. Water dilutes the salts and minerals in your urine that form the solid crystals known as kidney stones. Kidney stones can’t form in diluted urine, so reduce your risk with plenty of water!

LEMONWATERBOOSTMore Then Just Weight Loss – Water Boosts Your Energy

If you’re feeling drained and depleted, get a pick-me-up with water. Dehydration makes you feel tired. The right amount of water will help your heart pump your blood more effectively. And water can help your blood transport oxygen and other essential nutrients to your cells.

Are You A Stress Eater? – Water Can help

Lower Stress With Water – About 70% to 80% of your brain tissue is water. If you’re dehydrated, your body and your mind are stressed. This can trigger you to want to nibble and snack. If you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already a little dehydrated. To keep stress levels down, keep a glass of water at your desk or carry a sports bottle and sip regularly.


Build Muscle Tone With Water

Do you wake up feeling stiff or sore? Drinking water helps prevent muscle cramping and lubricates joints in the body. When you’re well hydrated, you can exercise longer and stronger without “hitting the wall.”


8035035694_10e14a269cNourish Your Skin

Fine lines and wrinkles are deeper when you’re dehydrated. Water is nature’s own beauty cream. Drinking water hydrates skin cells and plumps them up, making your face look younger. It also flushes out impurities and improves circulation and blood flow, helping your skin glow.


Whether you simply forget to drink or don’t love the taste, it’s easy to fall short of keeping hydrated. But with a few adjustments  with these stay hydrated tips, you can remind yourself to drink up.

Stick to a schedule.

Just like anything else, creating a routine can help you refill your glass more often. For example, drink a cup of water with a little fresh lemon juice when you first wake up,  then again develop a habit of sipping between every meal and snack. before you know it, it will become routine to be sipping throughout the day.


BottlesTake your H20 to go.

Toting your own bottle is both eco-friendly and a great way to make sure you always have some water on hand. Invest in a bottle you love so you’ll want to take it with you wherever you go. Buy a water bottle that expresses your personality. With so many people choosing to take water with them there are so many styles to choose from these days, it’s easy to find one you will be comfortable taking with you everywhere you go.


Try a flavor boost.

Who says water has to taste plain? You can make it tasty with fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs, or spices. Fill a pitcher with water and ice, add a few extras, and wait at least 2 hours before taking your first sip. Try strawberries with fresh basil leaves, cucumbers with mint leaves, or apples with cinnamon sticks.


Have a tea party.

Relax and unwind with a mug of decaf tea. It’s just as hydrating as plain water, but with flavor.


1320584.largeEat Your water.

Salad is  smart starter. It’s packed with water-rich veggies (lettuce is 96% water) and low in calories — as long as you go easy on the dressing and other fattening toppings.

When dining out, choose a broth-based (not creamy) soup for your appetizer. You’ll get extra fluids, plus it will help you fill up faster. Studies show it can help you eat less during the meal.

Staying true to its name watermelon (which is 91% water) is especially hydrating. Slice some up for dessert or to snack on throughout the day.

Some water-rich foods aren’t as obvious. Broccoli, for example, is nearly 90% water. Toss a couple of handfuls into your next stir-fry, or eat them raw with hummus.


640_coffeeOther Beverages Also Help Keep You Hydrated.

Surprise: Caffeinated drinks count toward your daily fluid total. Just don’t go overboard, since they can also make you have to urinate more frequently. About 2 cups of coffee a day is OK for most people.

Dairy products help you hydrate, too. Get your calcium fix with a glass of low-fat or fat-free milk. Or enjoy some yogurt, which is 85% water. If you don’t favor dairy, swap in your favorite alternative, such as almond milk, hemp milk, soy milk, or rice milk. Dairy foods and fortified plant “milks” also give you calcium and vitamin D.


Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Most healthy adults can get enough to drink by letting their thirst guide them but you may not always be paying attention when you are thirsty. The exact amount you need depends on your size, level of activity, the weather, and your general health. You may need more water if you exercise or sweat heavily.