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Gastric Sleeve Surgery By Dr. Pedro Kuri

|Gastric Sleeve Surgery By Dr. Pedro Kuri
Gastric Sleeve Surgery By Dr. Pedro Kuri 2016-12-12T22:23:16+00:00

Gastric Sleeve and Lap-Band® Surgeries By Doctor Pedro Kuri

Doctor Pedro Kuri is one of the most celebrated and experienced bariatric surgeons in the world. He has done over 5,500 procedures in the last 16 years with his team. When you book your surgery with Dr Kuri, you can rest assured that Dr Kuri himself will be performing your surgery as shown in the video below.

Kristin H - Lost 80Lb

Before: 268lbs, jeans size 24, shirt size 3X – taken August 21st, 2011After: 202.4lbs, jeans size 14, shirt size 1X – taken January 2014

Banded October 9, 2012

Remember a couple of months ago when I sent you some before-and-after pictures via Facebook? You said you’d like to use those for the Kuri website if I was willing and I said I’d be delighted, but allow me to knock off a few more. I’ve lost about ten more (averaging about a pound a week). I’m ready to make good on my word if you’d still like to. If not, then I’d just like to share.

83.2 pounds gone!

Cristopher - Lost 170 lbs

I had no idea when I started looking that I would find one of the best and most respected Lap-Band surgeons in the world

Banded August 31, 2010

At 345 pounds I knew I had to make a change. My knees, back, feet and blood pressure were killing me. I heard about Lap-Band surgery and decided it was for me. I decided to look outside the US for financial reasons. I had no idea when I started looking that I would find one of the best and most respected Lap-Band surgeons in the world. I couldn’t find (through extensive research) a single negative thing said about him! Dr. Kuri is way more experienced than any doctors in my area—and less expensive as well!!

Disclosure: The results and benefits from Gastric Sleeve or Lap-Band® procedures can vary from person to person

Benefits of having Weight Loss Surgery

Equally as important as the money you will be saving, are the benefits you will experience as a result of Gastric Sleeve or Lap-Band Surgeries. The list is endless because the benefits are different for every patient, but in general many cite these as the most impressive:

  • Regaining self esteem and self worth.
  • The support and encouragement of the entire Kuri Community: our team of lap band surgeons, Patient Facilitators and Patient Educator, support staff, and the thousands of other Kuri Patients that have forged the path you are now considering.
  • The shock on people’s faces when they don’t recognize us x-amount of pounds lighter.
  • Enjoying a more active life with family and friends
  • Overcoming a troubling lifelong struggle
  • No longer needing to bring a seat belt extension on an airplane
  • Gaining a healthy relationship with food for the first time ever

We don’t blame you for having more questions regarding your bariatric surgery journey, it is literally a life changing procedure and we are here to help with your questions. We have specialized bariatric nurses and nurses assistants that have been working with bariatric surgery patients for decades. Feel free to check out more information on our website regarding Gastric Sleeve or Lap-Band® Surgeries, or call us at 1(844)362-5874 Toll Free from the US and Canada.  Fill out the form on the right side of this page to request more information and let us know what more information we can help you with, our patient facilitator and sometimes Doctor Kuri himself will call you or email you back.

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