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Patient safety in the city of Tijuana is as important to Dr. Kuri as it is within the surgical suite

|Patient safety in the city of Tijuana is as important to Dr. Kuri as it is within the surgical suite
Patient safety in the city of Tijuana is as important to Dr. Kuri as it is within the surgical suite 2016-12-12T22:23:17+00:00

Patient safety in the city of Tijuana is as important to Dr. Kuri as it is within the surgical suite

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Tijuana, B.C. – April 23, 2009 The ongoing media frenzy about violence in Mexico has struck fear into the hearts of many travelers, including those traveling to Dr. Kuri for surgery. Many patients and their family and friends have found themselves asking, is it really safe enough to go? The answer is Yes.

Dr. Kuri and his staff understand these concerns, however much of what the media is discussing is not seen by our patients. Barbarita, a Dr. Kuri patient, moved from the US to Mexico early last year. She said, “Truly Tijuana has gotten bad press, many things that are being told on the news recently are old from October, and misrepresented.” Barbarita and her family host a variety of guests from the United States on a consistent basis throughout the year. “The media has made a mess of everything here in Tijuana. Currently there is a travel “advisory” but not a travel “warning” but what they don’t tell you is that there is an “advisory” every year this time of year because of spring breakers. I currently have one lady and a 13 year old, and 2 year old visiting, and the 5 of us, (me and my 2 year old also) are leaving shortly to go shopping downtown and we are not one bit afraid.”

The Mexico travel advisory is a general warning to all US citizen traveling across the border. You can read it in its original format by visiting the government site at It contains important reminders that although directed towards Mexico, can be helpful when traveling to as close a destination as a neighboring state or large city within our own country. For example, the notice warns travelers to:

  • • Understand the risks of travel
  • • How to avoid dangerous situations
  • • Who to contact if there is a problem
  • • Visit only legitimate businesses and tourist areas during daylight hours
  • • Avoid areas where prostitution and drug dealing might occur
  • • Do not display expensive – looking jewelry, large amounts of money, or other valuable items

Although the above statements are very helpful to patients, some of the warning is significantly less applicable. For example, his patients have a set itinerary that the staff maintains, thus: “US Travelers should leave their itinerary with a friend or family member not traveling with them,

[and] avoid traveling alone,” is not as imperative when traveling to have surgery with Dr. Kuri. His staff is always there, checking up on patients and making sure they are where they are supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there.

For Dr. Kuri, Patient Safety is a big priority. “Many patients have been fearful of coming down to have surgery with us, but once they’re here it’s not so scary anymore. We believe this has a lot to do with how we transport, care and respond to our patients needs while they are with us in Mexico.” This is clearly shown in the typical itinerary for a surgery patient.

Upon arrival to San Diego, patients are met by Dr. Kuri’s transportation personnel in a company vehicle. The vehicle is clearly marked with LapBandSurgery.Com website, as well as Dr. Kuri’s name. Patients are assisted into the vehicle with their baggage and are transported across the US/Mexico border at San Ysidro. The trip consists of a few miles on their city highway known as the “Rapidamente”, and a quick trip down Avenida de los Heroes through one very exciting “roundabout”. After passing through the guarded entry to the Hospital Angeles compound, patients are welcomed by Dr. Kuri’s office personnel who have worked with him collectively for over 20 years. As the staff educates the patients about pre op testing, hospital admissions, and post surgery specifics, they also address safety to help visiting patients ensure that they do everything a good international traveler must do to remain alert and safe, including but not limited to:

  • • Removing any expensive jewelry – utilizing the hospital safe in their patient suite
  • • Separating your money – taking some, and leaving the rest in their safe
  • • Venturing only to suggested areas (staying out of areas of prostitution and drug trafficking)
  • • Which taxi’s to use, and which to avoid
  • • Maintaining an alert composure in their surroundings

Dr. Kuri’s surgical package includes two night hotel stay at the Palacio Azteca, temporary home to Dr. Kuri patients for over 11 years. Whether the room is enjoyed before during or after surgery, transportation for patients and companions to and from the hotel and hospital is provided by his staff in the clearly marked company vehicle by his familiar transportation personnel. Whatever their plan may entail, one thing is certain – Dr. Kuri’s staff is there to escort them safely to their destination. If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to travel to travel to Mexico for surgery with Dr. Kuri, please contact them.

Many Kuri patients return to him for free follow up care and fills. Patients returning after surgery most often park on the US side of the border, walk across and take a taxi directly to Hospital Angeles. They state that when they are ready to head back, the same taxi’s are usually found just outside the Hospital grounds. Others have actually hired drivers referred by Dr. Kuri to take them directly from the San Diego Airport to the Hospital and back, at a reasonable rate. Whatever their choice, they’ve continued to cross for follow up care despite the warnings, and have done so successfully and safely. Patients of Dr. Kuri’s are welcome to visit Dr. Kuri’s Lap-Band Surgery Discussion Forum to speak with other patients that have recently visited Mexico.

The bottom line is, Dr. Kuri’ patients safety is of the utmost importance to Dr. Kuri and our staff. “We are dedicated to provide the most comfortable, safe and successful surgical experience and international visit possible,” says Dr. Kuri. “If you or your family have any questions about our commitment to patient safety, please call me. I love making time for my patients.“ You may reach Dr. Kuri or his staff at the Hospital Angeles office toll-free from the US or Canada, and by email:

Dr. Kuri & Associates

c/o Hospital Angeles
Paseo de los Heroes 10999

Suite 601 Zona Rio 22010

Tijuana B.C.

Toll-Free from the US: 1-888-223-4046
Toll-Free from Canada: 1-866-782-5042

Dr. Pedro Kuri, a pioneer of the Lap-Band System in Latin America, Dr. Kuri has performed over 4,000 procedures in the last 11 years as a respected specialist in his field. Having one of the warmest bedside manners of any surgeon, Dr. Kuri is widely known for the loving care he provides his patients. He believes in the Lap-Band procedure, in his patients, and is dedicated to their success.