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Support from your Patient Education Coordinator

|||Support from your Patient Education Coordinator
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Dr. Kuri believes strongly in the importance of patient education, post lap band surgery aftercare and patient support. His dedication to your success is one trait that sets him apart from other surgeons. Being successful with the Lap Band involves change and discipline on our part, and as a patient of Dr. Kuri, you never have to do it alone.

Even with a perfect understanding of how the Lap Band works, each and every patient hits a point in their journey where they find the need for more experienced guidance. Where better to receive this guidance than from your surgeon and his team of educators.

Our Patient Education Coordinator helps our banded patients better reach their weight loss goals by focusing on the areas of nutrition, exercise and healthy Bandster living. This service is unique to Dr. Kuri’s practice, complimenting the training, insight and guidance provided by your Patient Facilitator.

Here’s a quick overview of the role of the Patient Education Coordinator:

  • Provide you with educational materials and resources that are easy to follow
  • Help you to manage and improve the quality of your food consumption by providing suggested meal plans and other resources concerning nutrition
  • Creating or suggesting physical fitness/exercise programs to help you increase your physical activity
  • Offer helpful solutions to adjusting to life with the Lap Band®
  • Provide you with motivation and support when the going gets tough
  • Work with your Patient Facilitator to provide specifically designed support according to your needs
  • Conduct one-on-one sessions to personalize a treatment plan to get you back on track (if you find yourself struggling)
  • Provide relevant, helpful subject matter, including lesson plans on relevant topics for both resource and discussion purposes on the Online Patient Forum and during Kuri related events including the Annual Kuri Bandster Bash
  • Help you connect with other fellow Kuri Bandsters utilizing our Online Regional Support Group Interface on the Forum