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Support from your Patient Facilitator

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One of the benefits of the Kuri patient experience is the support of your very own Patient Facilitator, JoAnn Jackson, RN, BSN. JoAnn is here to guide you through the decision making process. She is a great resource for any and all of your questions you may have about the surgery, including the cost, travel to Mexico, aftercare, and what life will be like with the band. She speaks from personal experience, having had Lap Band Surgery with Dr Kuri 8 years ago.

Here’s a quick overview of what JoAnn does to help our patients:

  • Provides you with resources and education about weight loss surgery
  • Listens to your concerns, your struggles and your needs
  • Shares her own experience of what it was like before Lap Band Surgery and what it’s like today
  • Provides answers to any and all of your questions about Dr. Kuri and/or the lap band procedure
  • Supports you as you research your treatment options, and encourage you on your journey
  • Takes care of all your booking arrangements if you do decide to have surgery with Dr. Kuri
  • Follows up with you well after your surgery date to help you stay on track and get the most benefit you can with your new tool, the Lap Band
  • Works closely with our Patient Educator, Gena Brown to broaden your support after you’ve advanced past the post surgery phases and are experiencing your new life with the Lap Band

It’s important to note that not all Lap Band procedures and surgeons are created equally.

We encourage you to ask questions – not only of our staff, but of any doctor you may be considering to perform your Lap Band Procedure. Here’s a short list of questions to be sure to ask when researching the best option for you:

  • Is the surgery going to be performed in a full service hospital or a clinic?
  • Does the doctor use an FDA-approved Allergan or Realize band?
  • How many surgeries has the doctor performed and can he prove it?
  • Does the surgical team provide you with the necessary pre- and postoperative resources you will need?
  • What kind of after care is in place for you? Will you have a Patient Educator who can help guide you after surgery?
  • Do they have online support such as the Kuri Online Patient Forum that we provide?
  • Will they provide you with a list of fill providers in your area?
  • Do they provide free consultations and fills to their patients well after the surgery has been performed?
  • Are you able to reach your surgeon after hours – the phone ringing to his home or mobile phone?