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Linda Lost 60 Pounds And Counting

“I could not have had a better experience in my OWN hospital!!”

My name is Linda Elmquist. I am a RN. I work in a surgical area. I had lap band surgery with Dr. Pedro Kuri in Tijuana Mexico in October of 2005.

I too, like everyone, was anxious about the idea of going to Mexico for surgery, having seen such bad examples of Mexican surgeons at my work. Not so the case. I have found out that there are many excellent surgeons and facilities that cater to Americans that are failed by the insurance system here.

I researched the options in Mexico and decided upon Dr. Kuri. I received excellent feedback about him from other healthcare worker, including physicians, that had the surgery.

Over 100 Pounds Lost

10 Years Later Update

I found an old photo ID of mine from about 10 years ago, and couldn’t believe it was me! I was trapped inside my own body, trying desperately to get out and just LIVE! I thank God every day for Dr. Kuri, his caring attitude, his wonderful staff, the awesome support I’ve always gotten and the great friends I’ve made along the way. The best advice I have is if you are genetically prone to obesity like I am, the band will DEFINITELY help limit your food intake, but then it is up to YOU to determine the quality of the food and drinks you wish to take in.

Polar Mike Lost 215 Pounds

Polar Mike Lost 215 Pounds

Polar Bear Mike Lost 215 Pounds
I was dying. I weighed 427 lbs, and couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do my job, had no strength and no energy. I was very likely less than 6 months from a heart attack, and I was at the end of my rope. I found out about the Lap-Band, and joined the Original Southern California Bandsters, a Lap-Band support group, and there I met Dr Kuri.