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Why Choose Dr. Kuri?

He has twice the experience & half the price of most Lap-Band® procedures

To answer this best, we thought we’d ask our patients. Here is what they listed as the top reasons to choose Dr. Kuri

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Why Choose the Lap-Band System?
Why Choose Lap-Band Surgery in Mexico?

  • Experience

    Dr. Kuri is one of the most experienced LAP-BAND® surgeons in the world – over 4,000 procedures 11 years as a practicing LAP-BAND® surgeon.

  • Price

    Dr. Kuri is competitively priced, and under priced when considering his level of quality and expertise. He is one of the best but is not all about the money.

  • Accessibility

    He is always available to his patients. If the office is closed, the phone rings direct to Dr. Kuri wherever he may be.

  • Surgical team

    Dr. Kuri’s team has been described by medical professionals in the US as ‘a well-oiled machine’ and ‘a beautiful symphony’.

  • Facilities

    Hospital Angeles is a state-of-the-art private hospital just minutes from the US/Mexico border. Ask any of our patients that are Doctors or Nurses that practice in the US – Hospital Angeles it consistently exceeds patient expectations.

  • Passion

    Dr. Kuri believes in the LAP-BAND®, and in his patients. He is dedicated to their success.

  • Specialty

    LAP-BAND® surgery is his focus – it is the specialty he has chosen to practice and is determined to make a difference in his patients’ lives.

  • Bilingual

    Dr. Kuri understands and speaks English fluently, which enables him to answer any and all questions a patient may have and to clearly understand a patient’s needs.

  • Support staff

    Dr. Kuri has a large team of support staff available to his patients including patient facilitators, on-site office personnel, an on-site patient relations specialist, and a patient education coordinator. He also works with a number of outside service providers to provide his patients with resources and information.

  • Information

    He performs surgeries at the Hospital Angeles, just 5 minutes from the US border, and only 35 minutes from the San Diego International Airport.

  • Integrity

    Dr. Kuri has strict policies concerning patient candidacy. He always puts the patients best interests first.

  • Personality

    He has a way about him, treating his patients will love, dignity and respect.