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Worried about traveling to Mexico for Lap-Band Surgery? Don’t.

|||Worried about traveling to Mexico for Lap-Band Surgery? Don’t.

Worried about traveling to Mexico for Lap-Band Surgery? Don’t.

Violence in Mexico has been the topic of many disturbing news headlines in the past couple of years as a result of feuding between members of the drug trade. Here at Dr. Kuri & Associates, your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us. In this article, we would like to address some of the current issues the country is confronting while at the same time dispel some of the myths the media often exaggerates beyond the true reality of the situation in Mexico.

Mexico often gets a bad rap for its constant appearance in the news for drugs, violence and issues of illegal immigration. While these are certainly true problems Mexico is facing, their occurrence is often inflated by the media. Statistically, the true population most at risk for coming in contact with these types of crimes are Mexicans themselves, and more commonly individuals involved in the drug trade. Tourists are very rarely the target of violent crimes in Mexico.

Where are the Majority of Crimes Occuring in Mexico and Why?
Also at issue is the primary areas where these types of crimes tend to happen. The majority of the crimes perpetrated in Mexico occur in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, located along the Texas-American border. Juarez in recent years has become a hot bed for drug violence and feuding between drug lords. Tijuana, Mexico bordering San Diego, California where Dr. Kuri & Associates office is located has a much lower incidence of violence and crime. By in large, the majority of news media reports coming from Mexico occur in Juarez. These types of reports give the impression that the entire country of Mexico is experiencing violent crimes everywhere. However, the majority of crimes are in-fact occurring in isolated areas. Reports on violence state that less than 5 percent of Mexico is affected by cartel and drug violence. Out of roughly 2,500 municipalities, only 80 are currently recording problems with drug violence.

Who is Traveling to Mexico, and Why?
Over 20 million people visit Mexico each year with no problems at all. In fact, a large majority of travelers to Mexico are often people seeking medical treatment termed “Medical Tourism”. It is estimated that approximately 500,000 to 750,000 Americans traveled to Mexico in 2007. Estimates for 2011 are approximated at 1.2 million by year end.

Why are people traveling to Mexico for Medical Treatment?
Mexico’s proximity to the United States and the relatively low travel costs, has made it a popular travel destination for Americans and Canadians seeking medical treatment to save money. Global health care costs are increasingly on the rise, leaving many individuals uninsured or underinsured seeking medical alternatives outside their native countries. The world health organization ranks Mexico’s health care system 61st in the world with the United States ranked 37th making hospitals in Mexico very similar in quality and care to those in the U.S. The highest ranked countries in the world are primarily western European countries where social medicine systems dominate the playing field. However, more and more developed countries are moving towards social medicine which consequently raises the standard of care all around the world. Until the world transitions to a social healthcare system, many will continue to seek high quality alternatives in other countries.

How safe does Dr. Kuri make traveling to Mexico for his patients?
From the moment you arrive at the U.S. Mexico border, you are greeted by our private driver who chaperones you in our private vehicle across the border directly to Hospital Angeles. Hospital Angeles is conveniently located minutes across the border. You will literally arrive at Hospital Angeles minutes after crossing the U.S. border. Throughout your entire stay with us, private transportation is provided the entire time at no cost.

Have any of Dr. Kuri’s patients ever experienced a problem traveling to Mexico for the Lap-Band?
In our 11 year history, we have never had a patient ever experience any problems while traveling to and from Hospital Angeles in Tijuana, Mexico. Your safety and security is of the utmost importance to us. We prepare and take all the necessary steps and precautions to ensure you remain safe at all times, and your experience with us is the best it possibly can be.

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