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Dr.Kuri offers competitive pricing for Lap Band Surgery with a stellar record of over 5,000 surgeries in a modern state Hospital.

5,000 surgeries

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In making any financial decision, it is imperative that you consider the lap band surgery costs vs. the benefits of your purchase.

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LAP-BAND® FAQs: Questions Most Commonly Asked by Patients.

General FAQS about Lap Band

Obesity is on the rise, and so are the numbers of weight-loss surgeries being performed each year.
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Why Choose Lap Band Surgery?

The lap band is a safe, reversible, and effective alternative to other invasive bariatric procedures.The LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Banding System is a simple yet advanced technique that helps you gradually lose and control your weight with long term success.

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Success Stories

Kristin H - Lost 80Lb

Before:268lbs, jeans size 24, shirt size 3X – taken August 21st, 2011After:202.4lbs, jeans size 14, shirt size 1X – taken January 2014

Banded October 9, 2012

Remember a couple of months ago when I sent you some before-and-after pictures via Facebook? You said you’d like to use those for the Kuri website if I was willing and I said I’d be delighted, but allow me to knock off a few more. I’ve lost about ten more (averaging about a pound a week). I’m ready to make good on my word if you’d still like to. If not, then I’d just like to share.

83.2 pounds gone!

Cristopher - Lost 170 lbs

I had no idea when I started looking that I would find one of the best and most respected Lap-Band surgeons in the world

Banded August 31, 2010

At 345 pounds I knew I had to make a change. My knees, back, feet and blood pressure were killing me. I heard about Lap-Band surgery and decided it was for me. I decided to look outside the US for financial reasons. I had no idea when I started looking that I would find one of the best and most respected Lap-Band surgeons in the world. I couldn’t find (through extensive research) a single negative thing said about him! Dr. Kuri is way more experienced than any doctors in my area—and less expensive as well!!

Bariatric Weight-Loss Surgery success what usually comes to mind is the smiling faces of our patients as they share their “before and after pictures” with us. Certainly a patient reaching their goal weight is a huge success. But Dr. Kuri believes that success with bariatric Lap – Band Surgery begins long before the surgery is performed. A successful Bariatric surgery such as the Lap-Band procedure is often found in the details, before; during and after your weight loss surgery journey begins. If you have ever planned a trip, bought a car or had construction work done on your house, the details can often make the difference between success and disaster.

Why Choose Dr. Kuri For Bariatric Lap-Band Surgery?

One of the biggest decisions after choosing a bariatric weight-loss surgery procedure such as the Lap-Band, the next critical decision is finding a reputable surgeon and a full-service quality hospital. These are two very important details that you should never risk deciding over price alone. The cost of Lap-Band surgery can vary on both sides of the border, but what should never be compromised is experience.

Lap Band Surgery in Mexico with Dr. Kuri

There are many reasons that are in favor of choosing to have your bariatric weight loss surgery in Mexico with Dr. Kuri. We think you will agree that after all things considered he is the right choice for your successful Lap Band weight loss surgery.

Here are a few of them:

Experience Board Certified Lap Band Surgeons

Excellent quality care as mentioned earlier the experience of the surgeon you choose should be your top priority for any bariatric weight loss surgery. Dr. Kuri and his surgical team have chosen to specialize in the Lap Band procedure exclusively for over 16 years – they know the Lap Band surgical process and how to provide the best care possible to their patients. Dr. Kuri has personally performed over 5,500 Lap-Band® procedures a record un-matched by any other surgeon of his quality. Dr. Kuri is a world class surgeon and considered the leading expert in his field of Bariatric weight loss surgery. Dr. Kuri and his team have been doing the Lap-Band Surgery long before their US counterparts, and hence have much more experience and excellent success rates.

Facilities – Clean Quality state-of-the-art, full service Hospital

Dr. Kuri performs all his surgeries in a beautiful $70 million dollar, state-of-the-art hospital, not a clinic. Established in January 2006, Hospital Angeles Tijuana Mexico is built on the highest principles of medical care and patient hospitality. Our focus on delivering top tier medical care with the most modern technology and services – including state-of-the-art operating rooms and diagnostic services across all medical fields – ensures we attract top medical talent from around the world. We pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide, as well as the warm, receptive, and comforting healthcare environment we deliver for patients and families as they recover after having bariatric weight loss surgery. All patient rooms are private with in suite bathrooms, featuring a flat screen television and sleeping options for visitors.

Affordability – Huge Cost Savings Surgery, Travel Time and Expenses

Our price is usually a fraction of our US competitors, often 50 – 70% of the American prices, making it affordable for the self-paying patient. Even those that have the option of using their insurance sometimes find that their out-of pocket expenses exceed or match what they would pay Dr. Kuri for his all-inclusive package. In addition, out-of-pocket patients can take advantage of the tax deduction afforded on most of their medical related expenses, including travel. In addition to Dr. Kuri’s experience, this is often the most significant advantage patients choose to have their bariatric weight – loss surgery with Dr. Kuri in Tijuana Mexico. It is quite unbelievable that the same weight-loss surgery, with the same and often time’s better quality can be had at half the cost just by traveling for a few hours to Mexico.

Support Before, During and After Weight Loss Surgery

You’re Patient Facilitator & Navigator to Weight Loss Success. Every patient is assigned their very own Patient Facilitator to help guide them through the decision making process – your patient facilitator is dedicated to your education and preparation. She also will be your navigator on your weight loss journey. She will follow up on your care after your surgery and guide you to educational resources as well as put you in touch with our private support group or Patient Education Coordinator if you need additional guidance. Your patient Facilitator is a trained medical professional with many years’ experience as a Lap Band nurse and a former Lap Band Patient with Dr. Kuri. Who better to see you through this new journey then the guidance from a trusted professional who has experienced the process herself?

Dr. Kuri’s Private Weight Loss Support Group

Dr. Kuri understands the importance of having a strong support system after your surgery. We encourage you to reach out to family and trusted friends for support during your journey. In addition to those close to you we help our patients to connect with other Dr. Kuri Bandsters that are going through the same journey to weight Loss as you after surgery. We have a private support group just for patients that have had their Lap Band Surgery with Dr. Kuri. Open public forums and chat groups are often filled with miss leading information and attacking comments. We provide a safe and private environment for our patients to further their weight loss education, share their experiences and ask questions. The group is facilitated by our Patient Education Coordinator to ensure accurate information and no misconduct from other members. This is a wonderful way to connect and support each other during your weight loss journey. (Contact your patient facilitator for more information).

Weight Loss and After-Care Education

Dr. Kuri understands that Lap Band Surgery is only one piece to successful Weight Management. We provide our patients with several options to further their weight loss and after care education. Under the Patient Support section on our website, we have a huge resource section covering various weight losses and after care topics including, fill adjustment information, Nutrition, fitness, weight management as well as motivation and problem solving information. Dr. Kuri understands that weight loss is a complex issue and requires a good understanding of the challenges patients experience to be successful. Need a daily dose of encouragement or a new recipe? You can also receive daily tips and motivation through social media. You can find us on Facebook, twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn.

Successful Patient Out Comes

As mentioned before, a successful weight loss surgery experience is often measured by the results of our patients. We encourage you to visit our patient success and testimony section to see for yourself what our patients already know about choosing Dr. Kuri as their weight Loss surgeon. In conclusion, we welcome you to visit our website and contact us for more information. As mentioned earlier, we believe once you have had some time to consider all that Dr. Kuri has to offer his patients the decision will be obvious. Dr. Kuri & Associates is the #1 Choice for Lap Band Surgery in Mexico.