The Benefits of Choosing Dr. Kuri

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The Benefits of Choosing Dr. Kuri 2016-12-12T22:23:17+00:00

Extensive Education

  • Your very own Patient Facilitator to help guide you through the decision making process – they are dedicated to your education and preparation
  • A Patient Education Coordinator to help you reach and maintain your weight loss goals through various insightful documents full of facts and tips
  • Online Patient Support from a large Bandster community led by experienced moderators and staff at our Kuri Online Patient Forum

Dedicated Staff

  • Dr. Kuri and his surgical team have specialized in the Lap Band procedure for over 11 years – they know the Lap Band, the surgical process and how to provide the best care possible to their patients
  • Dr. Kuri insists on meeting all of his patients the day prior to surgery – he conducts a lengthy discussion and question and answer session with his patients preparing them for the changes they will face
  • Dr. Kuri fields ALL evening and weekend phone calls
  • Bi-lingual on-site staff to help with any language barrier concerns
  • A designated, experienced Patient Facilitator is only a phone call away when questions arise
  • Timeless opportunity for support from our Patient Education Coordinator who is specialized in nutrition, and exercise and lifestyle coaching, which is beneficial to all phases of the Bandster journey
  • Constant communication from our team is provided to the patients and their companions accompanying them for surgery

Attentive, Superior Service

  • Affordability – with our cost usually at a fraction of our US competitors
  • Lap Band surgery performed not in a clinic but at a state-of-the-art $70 million, full-service hospital
  • Extensive aftercare program including free fills for life, access to our online patient support, helpful post surgery educational emails and documents, help with facilitating support groups at home, as well as a compiled list of fill providers across the US and Canada for additional support close to homes
  • Full service transportation provided for your surgery from start to finish – to/from airport, US/Mexican border, between hospital and hotel