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Travel to the Office of Dr Kuri

Tijuana Medical Transportation Dr KuriWhether you fly into the San Diego Airport for your surgery, or choose to drive to Border Parking, you will be met by a member of our team who will take you directly to Dr. Kuri’s office for your pre-operative tests.  Dr. Kuri’s office is located at:

Torre Norte
Diego Rivera 2351
Suite: 311
Zona Rio Tijuana B.C. 22010

Upon your return, transportation back to either San Diego Airport or across to border parking will be provided by Dr. Kuri’s private driver exclusive to his patients to make returning to the US, easy as 1-2-3.

Please Note:
* Package price does NOT include airfare to or from San Diego, CA
* When making your Travel Reservations, please arrange your San Diego arrival time somewhere between 9:30am (PST) and 12:00pm.
* On occasion there may be a short wait at the airport (or border) as our transportation team is responsible for picking up other patients as well. Your San Diego departure time must be after 1:00pm. This will allow for the time required for us to discharge patients as well as for travel across the border, ensuring your timely arrival at the San Diego airport.