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How to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery?

||How to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery?
How to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery? 2016-12-12T22:23:20+00:00

Preparing For Surgery

Patients coming in for surgery need to make plans to arrive one day prior to your surgery. Please arrange to arrive before 12 noon if at all possible.

Dr Kuri Preparing

Arrival Prior to Surgery

Once you are picked up at either the San Diego Airport or Border Parking you will be escorted directly to Dr. Kuri’s office to check in. Surgery admission, laboratory work and preoperative physical examinations immediately follow.

Preoperative tests include lab work, an EKG, and an examination by our Internal Medicine Doctor. Any additional or special concerns of the patient may be addressed at this time. It is imperative that you not eat or drink, at least seven hours prior to pre­operative testing. Only water is permitted. You may take your normal morning medications with water.

Day Prior to Surgery

Once admitted, patients are able to settle into their patient suite, spend time with their companions, and have the opportunity to eat prior to an orientation

conducted by Dr. Kuri and his team. In this orientation, Dr. Kuri will describe the weight loss surgeryprocedure and make sure that patients understand their responsibilities which include adopting and maintaining new eating patterns and a new lifestyle. After orientation, patients are expected to return to their suite for rest and relaxation. No eating or drinking, including water, is permitted after 10:00pm.

Day of Surgery

The morning of, you will be escorted by a staff nurse and prepped for surgery. Although the Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve procedures are relatively short surgeries, there is an additional amount

of time required for recovery following the surgery. Patients relax and rest in their suite after the surgery. Lap­Band patients are discharged the morning after surgery. For those of you having the Gastric Sleeve surgery, you will be in the hospital the night before surgery and for two nights thereafter. You will be discharged on the 3rd morning but will need to stay at the Palacio Azteca hotel for two more days and may leave for home on day #6.

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