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Costs & Benefits

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Cost & Personal Benefits

We feel that there are numerous financial and personal benefits of having weight loss surgery with Dr Kuri.  We have listed some examples below…

Cost Benefits

  • No more need for fast food runs and big grocery bills – You’re not hungry all the time! The band tells you you’re full faster yet allows you to eat the portion sizes that are healthy for you.
  • No more diet pills, diet drinks, expensive diet food programs – Lose the weight and keep it off with only one product. There’s no need to “diet” with the lap band. You can eat what you like, though you only require a fraction of the portion size. * Results may vary.
  • Remove the need to shop at oversized clothing stores – Find everything you need without paying the outrageous fees associated with plus sizes.
  • Significantly reduce doctor visit copays and fees – The lap band severely reduces the significance of many major co-morbidities associated with obesity and in some cases removes their threat altogether. Co-morbidities that have been proven to be reduced with the lap band include: diabetes, hypertension (heart issues), sleep apnea, and joint concerns.
  • No more need for pricey prescriptions – Many patients see a significant reduction in the medications their obesity requires them to take. Remove the excess weight and remove the need for excessive medications. * Results may vary.
  • Surgery, travel, in-hospital meals, and hotel expenses are allowable medical expense tax deductions. For US patients, these deductions are outlined in IRS Publication 502. Please check with your tax advisor to see if you are eligible for these deductions or if there have been changes since the last publication date.

Personal Benefits

There are many personal benefits of weight loss and having surgery with Dr Kuri.  Listed below are a few examples…

  • Regaining self esteem and self worth.
  • The support and encouragement of the entire Kuri Community: our team of lap band surgeons, Patient Facilitators and Patient Educator, support staff, and the thousands of other Kuri Patients that have forged the path you are now considering.
  • The shock on people’s faces when they don’t recognize us x-amount of pounds lighter.
  • Enjoying a more active life with family and friends
  • Overcoming a troubling lifelong struggle
  • No longer needing to bring a seat belt extension on an airplane
  • Gaining a healthy relationship with food for the first time ever

Affordable Surgery Package

Dr Kuri offers affordable surgery packages for Lap-Band Surgery, Gastric Sleeve Surgery, and the IntraGastric Balloon procedure.

  • Pre- and Postoperative Guidance from our experienced Patient Facilitators.
  • Transportation to and from the San Diego Airport.
  • Preoperative testing and examinations.
  • The surgical lap band procedure.
  • Various aftercare opportunities, including our membership in the Dr. Kuri News group.
  • Free lap band fills from Dr. Kuri and his team for life!