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Build Success by Appreciating your Progress

|||Build Success by Appreciating your Progress

Build Success by Appreciating your Progress


Build Success by Appreciating your Progress

Losing weight means your self-image is in flux, how your body is changing often reflects how you feel on the inside.
No matter where you are on your journey, it’s actually not hard to make slight adjustments in your behavior and thinking to help you to feel skinnier, and therefore more successful and motivated. Feeling good helps keep you on track, so feeling good is incredibly important. The skinnier you feel, the less you’re interested in temptation.

The path to feeling good is not as overwhelming as it might seem. You begin in one area of your life and then as healthy new habits become routine for you, you build new behaviors in another. Small victories build and soon you’ll find that the time you put in to caring for yourself pays off big time.

Try these skinny feeling  tips…

Have lots of ways to measure progress.

Clothing fit, tape measure, BMI, journal review, energy levels, exercise levels, etc. The idea is that you no longer live and die by the scale and you maintain a positive sense of success whether the scale says so or not.






Keep slightly snug clothing around to try on regularly.

Obviously, this shouldn’t be your whole wardrobe, you know! But you will regularly surprise yourself by fitting easily into something you didn’t know you could!

Always have a few outfits that you look and feel great in! Important to experience the positive outcome of your work so far; nothing motivates like success!




Stay hydrated.

Keeping up on your water will help you stay more fit, plus you’ll feel better and your skin will be softer. You don’t tend to bloat when you get plenty of H20, and it helps those losses flow. It’s good stuff, Sparky!


Forget lose-by dates.

If you miss the mark by even a few ounces, you end up feeling like a failure. Instead, set moderate, healthy behaviorally-based goals that you have control over and celebrate each step in that direction.



Look at old pictures, and take some new ones.

When you’re losing weight, your body image is in a state of flux all the time. It’s hard to judge what size clothes you wear sometimes; some days, you’ll feel gloriously thin. Others, like a river barge. Pictures help ground your self-image while your body is in motion.

Take your vitamins.

Of course, you’re eating well, right? But even so, a good Multivitamin, at least, will make sure you’re getting what you need and help keep you feeling perky and energetic. Definitely, energetic feels skinnier!



Try different styles

Be a little more daring that you usually would. It’s fun to be vain, and it’s good for you to experiment with different styles. You’ll find as you go along your old style doesn’t fit you anymore, in every way.


Encourage others.

It keeps your vibration high and clear, and gives your brain time focusing on positive, helpful info. Win-win, baby!



Compare stats

If you’re tracking lots of things, it can really help you feel skinnier to acknowledge how far you’ve come. Reading old journal entries, comparing medical stats, reviewing BMI, or whatever the heck you look at, do a little before/after-ing. It can give you a wonderful reminder how far you’ve come.


Here’s wishing you all a very skinny day, and many more of ‘em!