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Cathy G | Lost over 100 lbs * Results may vary

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Cathy G | Lost over 100 lbs * Results may vary

“Getting a Lap-Band was the best thing I ever did for my health.”

I was fat and fifty and though I’d been successful in so many parts of my life, my body was getting in the way of skiing, dancing, even loving — and my five kids were embarrassed to be seen with me.

My habits of snacking, sneaking and stuffing were killing me. The LapBand had just been approved by the FDA when I heard about it in 2003, but local doctors were few and very expensive, medical insurance wasn’t available and then I heard about getting banded in Mexico.

People close to me were astounded that I would even consider getting surgery in Mexico and particularly in Tijuana, but the more I researched online and among the many Seattle-area bandsters who’d made the trip down, the more it sounded right for me.

I called Dr. Kuri and was delighted to be able to talk directly to him. I’d plan to meet him first, at that year’s Seattle Splash conference, and then go down, but when I called him right before Thanksgiving, he said: “Honey” — he calls everyone Honey — “What are you waiting for? Come before the holidays and by the time I come to Seattle in late January, you’ll be down 10 or 20 pounds!”. I was actually down 30# and on my way to a total loss of 110# in just over a year. I was rarely hungry, and quickly satisfied by small amounts of food.

I’ve kept most of those pounds off ever since, and now my sister, my brother, my aunt and many friends are also banded. Getting a Lap-Band was the best thing I ever did for my health. Getting a Dr. Kuri Lap-Band was a delightful experience and a great choice of expertise and compassion.

– Cathy Reiner Godwin, Seattle

* Results may vary.