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Change doesn’t happen just because we want it to

|||Change doesn’t happen just because we want it to

Change doesn’t happen just because we want it to



by Gena Brown

I was going over some old posts of mine, and this one was worth another look.
Debra asks a question I think we have all have or wanted to ask at one time. Here is what she had to say

Hi Gena!
    Thanks for this information. I am still very confused about what my band is supposed to feel like. I lost 45 pounds the first 5 months but nothing in the last 4 months. I haven’t gained anything either so I am grateful for that. I have not followed the 10 rules at all . . . and btw why can’t we drink diet soda? Ok . . .I know I am really bad but I want a do over. LOL! I am thinking about going to Mexico to get my band checked . . . what do you think? I have a really hard time getting the food down but it seems like I can get quite a bit down. Healthy foods are difficult for me to eat but junk slides on down. Any suggestions?


“Hi Debra, thank you for asking this question. At onetime or another everyone experiences what you are going through”.

Having a Lap Band is like getting married. First there is the excitement and preparations. Then the wedding (surgery) and then the honeymoon (rapid weight loss with post op diet). Then you come to that place were you are getting used to living together. This is a time of trial and error. You find what works best for both of you by learning to work together. So what does all that mean? What it means is you will get the hang of it, but there will be some bumps in the road before you find what works for you.

A good place to start is….. you guessed it “The Ten Lap Band Rules”. Why is this so important that I follow these rules you may ask….. “good question thanks for asking” The reason patients struggle with finding the right balance is because they have not learned to listen to the body.

The Ten lap band rules are not just a set of arbitrary rules we want you to jump through hoops to follow. By incorporating these rules into your daily routine will allow you to slow down and pay attention to how your body is reacting. And the rules form the foundation to form your new healthy habits. If you don’t lay this foundation you are building your weight loss program on sand.

The ten Lap Band rules deal with setting the balance of the physical side of feeling full.

Eating small bites – slows you down, passes easier through the band, allows your pouch to feel full with the right amount of food leading to true “full feeling”. Remember full is not stuffed.

Chewing food several times – increases the body’s sensitivity to “full signals” from the body. Slows you down.

Not drinking with meals – Prevents fast flushing of the pouch – prevents dilution of digestive enzymes, (helps to reduce gas by fermenting)

Eating high quality nutritious foods – These foods are generally high in nutrition, low in overall calories, fats and sugars. Plus they contain higher amounts of water and fiber (Fruit and veggies in particular)

By choosing a more nutritious menu you are receiving a good balance on very few calories and more of what your band needs to tell you you are full.

Drink water – Water helps you feel full by being absorbed by the body. When fiber and water combine they expand (takes time to feel this effect) helping you to feel full.

Don’t eat between planned meals and snacks – How are you going to know when you are truly Physically hungry if you are always snacking? You will never learn what real physical hunger feels like.

Eat three main meals and two planed snacks – When you plan your meals they tend to be more healthy and portion controlled – Eating at planned times helps you to recognize what “I am hungry” feels like. This does not mean famished. It just means you are ready to eat and would be content with a reasonable portion of healthy food.

Exercise 30-60 minutes daily – Exercise reduces physical hunger and stress triggered hunger, burns calories and continues to stimulate metabolism after exercise session. Reduces body fat and fat storing enzymes. Improves physical and stimulates positive self image and ability.

That is why these rules help you to feel full and how this assists your band to be effective.

But remember, the band deals with the physical side of weight loss only. The band can’t stop you from making bad food choices because you had a bad day, week, month you get what I mean.

Think about it, most of us became over weight not just because we eat too much. We became over weight because we were distracted, rushed, needed convenience, ate what ever was available, really enjoyed the food. Or maybe we were sad, mad, happy, bored, impatient or whatever strong emotion is needing food to distract/comfort you.

The emotional side of weight loss is the more difficult side of weight management.

First do a self assessment to find out what your relationship with food is. Find out honestly if you have an issue that is keeping you from moving forward.

Sit down and honestly make a plan.

– plan shopping for the healthy food you need

– plan out your menu – main meals, snacks

– action plan when stress hits

– plan to include exercise

– plan for support

– plan for rewards

Change doesn’t happen just because we want it to.

It happens because we plan to make change happen.

Think of it this way, you and your Lap Band have entered into this commitment together. There are going to be some bumps along the way. The best way to address you issues is by checking to see if you are doing all the basics, set your foundation firmly in place. Develop you relationship slowly, take the time to understand the “new signals” your body is sending you.