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Christen | Lost 85 lbs * Results may vary

|, Women|Christen | Lost 85 lbs * Results may vary

Christen | Lost 85 lbs * Results may vary

“Eating to live rather than living to eat.“

I would like to talk about the my experience with food addiction, getting banded in Mexico, loosing 85 pounds, getting plastic surgery in Mexico and continuing my struggle to follow the path of living healthy. I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds during my 18 year marriage. Seven years ago we had twins with colic and I turned to food for comfort. I gained 100 pounds and was in the middle of an addiction that consumed my life. My relationship with food superseded all other meaningful relationships in my life. It substituted for god and family. Food was my master and it owned me. I hit bottom, my heath was bad, my relationship with my husband was strained and I was completely depressed. I went to Mexico to get lap-band surgery, lost 85 pounds with exercise and effort, then got lippo suction, tummy tuck, and a boob lift in Mexico. After seeing my success two of my friends have gotten banded since my surgery. My relationships with god and family are better now, my health is better and my addict is being kept in check.

* Results may vary.