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Why are there so many differences in price charged by surgeons for Lap Band Surgery in Mexico?

|||Why are there so many differences in price charged by surgeons for Lap Band Surgery in Mexico?

Why are there so many differences in price charged by surgeons for Lap Band Surgery in Mexico?

If you are considering having Lap Band Surgery in Mexico and doing research on the internet, you may have noticed a wide range of prices advertised by surgeons in Mexico. There are a variety of reasons for the disparity in prices. Many of which are very important to your health, overall success with the Lap-Band, and will affect your post operative experience. For many people, price is a deciding factor when choosing a Lap-Band® Surgeon. However, your health and safety should be at the top of your list. We encourage you to consider all of the factors listed below when choosing a surgeon in Mexico.

Why is the kind of Band used important?
When Dr. Kuri performs a Lap Band Surgery, he uses a FDA approved Allergan Band®. Allergan is the leading manufacturer of its trademarked Lap-Band® and Lap-Band System® and is the industry standard band in the U.S. and around the world. This band has been tried and tested in thousands of patients since its FDA approval in 2001. Many other doctors in Mexico use knock-off bands that are often not FDA approved. This is how many doctors get away with charging as little as $3,000 for surgery. When you use a non FDA approved band you run the risk of band slippage, erosion, band failure, other serious complications, and even death.

Receiving Fills in the U.S. After Lap-Band® Surgery
After surgery you will need to schedule “fills” as you begin to lose weight. Dr. Kuri & Associates has established relationships with many doctors all over the U.S. to assist you with your fills. If you have a non FDA approved Band physicians in the U.S. will not assist you with your fills. The reason being is a U.S. physician could be liable for any complications caused by your non FDA approved band. In cases such as these, you may need to travel back to Mexico to have your fills done by your operating surgeon.

What type of Medical Facility should I expect in Mexico when having Lap Band Surgery?
Doctors in Mexico perform Lap Band Surgery in a variety of types of medical facilities. The most common type is an outpatient clinic which houses a surgery room and staff. Facilities such as these are often ill equipped and staffed in the event of a complication. Many physicians get by charging very low rates for surgery because they operate in sub standard facilities. Patients that choose these types of centers for surgery run the risk of serious effects to their health.

Dr. Kuri however performs all of his surgeries at a state of the art medical hospital called Hospital Angeles. The differences between an outpatient clinic and a fully staffed modern hospital are tremendous. Hospital Angeles is new hospital funded by 70 million U.S. dollars and is part of Grupo Angeles, the largest private hospital chain in Mexico. In less than twenty years the Angeles HealthCare Group has developed the most advanced private hospital service in the country, with 14 thriving centers to date. The very first surgery performed at the Hospital Angeles was a Lap-Band® procedure by Dr. Kuri and his surgical team. The hospital features state-of-the-art medical and surgical equipment and diagnostic services for all specialties and is fully equipped for any emergency.

How much should I expect to pay for Lap Band Surgery in Mexico?
The average range for Lap Band Surgery with a reputable surgeon in Mexico is between $6,000 to $10,000 U.S. dollars. Surgeons advertising rates lower than these levels are operating in small clinics with little to no medical staff, using non approved FDA bands. Dr. Kuri is competitively priced, and under priced when considering his level of quality and expertise. It is important to remember that doctors will do anything to get a booked surgery, including lowering their price. But, don’t be fooled. This often means your aftercare has been cut and they are using inferior bands to cut costs. Dr. Kuri only uses the FDA approved Allergan Lap-Band® in all Lap-Band procedures he performs.

Dr. Kuri has a large team of support staff available to his patients including patient facilitators, on-site office personnel, and a patient education coordinator. He also provides a online patient forum to support his patients after care, education, and to further their success along every step of their journey. In addition, Dr. Kuri works with a number of outside service providers to provide his patients with resources and information, including local fill providers.

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