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Fooling Ourselves

|||Fooling Ourselves

Fooling Ourselves


Are we just really fooling ourselves when it comes to our weight loss efforts.

Are we just giving it lip service “I’m eating a salad therefore I am being good” sort of mentality.

9 of 10 Americans Think Their Diet is Healthy

A Consumer Reports telephone poll found that a vast majority of Americans think their diet is “somewhat healthy” (52.6 percent), “very healthy” (31.5 percent), or “extremely healthy” (5.6 percent). But less than a third reported eating five or more servings of fruits or vegetables.

Only 8% counted their calories daily. While 26-28% said they limit sweets and fats, and 19% say they limit carbs, it would be very interesting to know how they do it. Without keeping a food diary or using an online system, they may be simply fooling themselves.

Consumer Reports Health has six small steps for people to begin a healthier lifestyle. One of them, no surprise, is walking more!


Home-Exercises-Stairs* Add 2000 steps to your day.

That will burn an extra 100 calories, and you can spread it out during the day. Get a pedometer so you aren’t fooling yourself. See how many steps you take in a typical day, then aim to add 2000 more. In a month or so, add another 2000.



* Sit Less:

Sitting burns as few calories as sleeping, and some studies say that sitting is its own risk factor for disease. Stand more, sit less, and cut back on screen time if that is what keeps you sitting.



french-roaststraberryminticedcapp* Stop drinking calories:

fluids don’t give you the same satisfying fullness, so any calories in a drink can end up adding to weight gain problems. Find a calorie-free drink you can enjoy.


Protein-1-Web* Eat more protein:

While the debate will always rage about whether low carb/high protein diets work better than low calorie diets, many have found them the key to diet success.


121003062553-fruits-vegetables-horizontal-gallery* Eat more fiber:

Guess what? Those five fruits or vegetables a day are a great natural source of fiber. Fiber keeps you filling fuller longer.



avoid-junk-food-400x400* Don’t bring tempting food home:

I do not keep desserts or salty snacks in my house, because they are my kryptonite. Avoid the near occasions of sin. Don’t keep junk food or desserts in your house and stay away from the vending machines.