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How to Schedule a Fill Appointment with Dr. Kuri

|||How to Schedule a Fill Appointment with Dr. Kuri

How to Schedule a Fill Appointment with Dr. Kuri


When you became a patient of Dr. Kuri, you are considered a patient for life! One of the special rewards of Dr. Kuri’s practice is to keep in touch with his patients and share in their success after surgery. In an effort to relieve some of the burden of cost involved in his patients returning back to see him, he offers his patients free fills for his services for life. This also allows the patient to ask questions and be reevaluated if necessary.


Scheduling a fill appointment

Scheduling a fill appointment is easy. Simply call the office toll free at 1(844)DOC-KURI – 1(844)362-5874 to  reserve your appointment. Appointments are made as a first come first serve basis.

Fills using fluoroscope

Although Dr Kuri does not charge for performing the fill, if you require the use of the hospitals fluoroscope there is a charge of $95, payable to the hospital at the time of the appointment. Hospital Angeles accepts the following forms of payment; cash (Dollars and Pesos) American Express, Visa, and Debit cards.


What days are available for fill appointments, and who performs the adjustments?

Fills are offered on most Tuesdays and Thursdays and Dr. Kuri makes himself available to his patients for fills one Saturday a month (call office for Saturday appointment dates) In addition to Dr. Kuri, fills may be done by Dr. Gabriela Morales and Dr. Francisco Espinosa. If you need to speak to Dr. Kuri with concerns or questions, make sure you request to speak with Dr. Kuri when you make your appointment so they can give you the extra time you need for your appointment. It is important to make sure you have an appointment before making plans to travel down for a fill.

Fills are performed at the beautiful state of the art Hospital Angeles

Note: Patients are responsible for arraigning their own transportation and cost for fill appointments.