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Be aware of your home environment

|||Be aware of your home environment

Be aware of your home environment


What foods do you find stimulate you to eat?
Generally speaking, this refers to sugary foods, foods loaded with salt, and foods high in fats. Probably most importantly, this means any food that you find particularly difficult to eat according to your hunger (i.e. foods that are hard to stop eating even though you aren’t hungry any more, foods that prompt you to start eating when you aren’t hungry, and foods that draw your attention even when you aren’t hungry).


This isn’t to suggest that you shouldn’t eat these foods ever again, just don’t make it easy to indulge every time you have a craving.


Keep Unhealthy Foods Out of the house or within easy reach. We get cravings all the time. And if ignored, they will usually pass. Make it harder to give into spontaneous cravings. If you want really want ice cream, go out and get a scoop of the best ice cream you can find and really enjoy it. Just don’t keep it in your house.