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Karen S. | Size 22 to 14! * Results may vary

|, Women|Karen S. | Size 22 to 14! * Results may vary

Karen S. | Size 22 to 14! * Results may vary

“Dr. Kuri has a kind heart, with his first priority being his patients.”

I would like to thank Dr Kuri for everything he did for me when I had my surgery on Tuesday, January 19. During our meeting on Monday, I told him about my hiatal hernia which was a real worry of mine. He said he had only had 3 cases out of over 4,300 where he was not able to repair a hiatal hernia. After my health check up with Dr Peterson, I sent for chest and lung x-rays, which apparently did not show any problems. About 6:00 PM, Dr Kuri personally called me and said to meet him in the hospital lobby so I could do a flouroscopy. He met me and I did a barrium swallow, after which he said he could fix my hiatal hernia. This was a great relief to me. I was worried that I would become his 4th case that he could not fix.

I feel that Dr Kuri is truly looking out for the best interest of his patients. The extra chest x-rays and barrium swallow made me feel very comfortable. I have worked in the medical field for many years, and I do not know of many doctors in the US who would have done those thing without a lot of excessive time, sometimes days, and a possible unnecessary surgery, not to mention at no added cost to my bill. And to receive the films to take home was more of a surprise. Dr. Kuri has a kind heart, with his first priority being his patients. I really could never find a way to thank him enough, but i will tell my story to those who are possible Lap-Band patients. I look forward to seeing Dr. Kuri for my first fill.

From the time my husband and I were picked up, though the surgery and being dropped off at the parking lot in the US, all of the staff and the hospital were very professional and extremely helpful. The hospital is not only beautiful and clean, but the entire staff is very friendly and helpful. Overall, I have had a great experience.

* Results may vary.