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Lisa R | Lost 127 lbs

Lisa R | Lost 127 lbs

Dr. Kuri did my Lap Band on 10-5-2005. At that time I was significantly overweight, my 5’7” body was carrying 272 lbs. I had struggled with my weight for most of my adult life and after having my children the struggle became insurmountable. Since I was a nurse I was aware of the effects this excess weight would have on my health, I was close to 40 yrs. old and knew I needed to do something about it. I researched all the surgical options available and found the least evasive to be the gastric Lap Band. I found that I was not qualified to have the procedure done since my less than 40BMI would not allow for medical insurance coverage. Searching for other option to have this procedure is how I connected with Dr. Kuri and his remarkable staff. After I had made my initial connection with his Patient Facilitator JoAnn, I decided to make Dr. Kuri and his practice my choice for the Lap-Band procedure. I scheduled my surgery with his office in Tijuana, Mexico. I flew into San Diego on Wednesday, October 5, 2005, had my surgery on Thursday Oct.6th was discharged Oct.7th and flew back to Boston, Ma that very same day. This was one of the best surgical experiences I have ever had. His bedside manner was impeccable and his office staff was very kind and responsive to questions they all seemed quite knowledgeable. I left Mexico after three days and had no complications and now after 15 yrs. The Lap-Band is a tool it was my responsibility to follow the simple rules that Dr. Kuri provided me with or the Lap-Band procedure would have been a waste of time and money. I have gone from a very unhealthy 272 lbs. to my now 145 lbs. Losing 127lbs I believe not only saved my life but changed the way I looked at food.

Now it is summer of 2017 and I turned yet again to Dr. Kuri and his practice to help my daughter. She has tried to lose the weight she gained over the past few years with no success. She has done everything that our local medical providers instructed her to do to no avail. She was also not qualified to have the Lap-Band procedure done through our medical insurance since her BMI was 38 and she had no other medical issues. When she came home for her summer break from college, Dr. Kuri and his staff were able to schedule her to have the procedure and be well healed before school starts again.

Dr. Kuri is wonderful; he is warm and caring and makes you feel you are in very good hands. Both his surgical competence and his bedside manner are terrific. My daughter is now 3 weeks post surgery and down 15lbs. She following all the rules that Dr. Kuri outlined for this to be a success.

Being able to have Dr. Kuri and his staff provide this procedure has given me a whole new outlook on how I see myself and how I feel physically. I am confident that selecting him to help my daughter change how she feels and how she sees herself is what she needed.

– Lisa Reed