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New Zealand Woman loses 202 lbs in less than a year with the Gastric Sleeve

|||New Zealand Woman loses 202 lbs in less than a year with the Gastric Sleeve

New Zealand Woman loses 202 lbs in less than a year with the Gastric Sleeve

  • In August 2014, Simone Anderson, Age 25, weighed 372 lbs

  • She had Gastric Sleeve Surgery and lost 202 lbs in less than a year

  • The Auckland-based make up artist was left with a lot of excess skin

  • In late 2015 she decided to have it removed in a nine-hour operation

  • Ms Anderson recently shared an update snap online of her transformation

On August 29th, 2014, Simone Anderson, 25, decided to change her lifestyle after weighing in at 372 lbs.

On October 29th she had a Gastric Sleeve surgery and in less than 12 months, the determined Auckland-based woman managed to lose an impressive 202 lbs.

Ms Anderson, who decided to undergo a nine-hour surgery to remove her excess skin in late 2015, recently shared an 88 week update on Instagram and showed off her incredible body transformation.

“I have completely changed my lifestyle, diet and exercise. I am thirty three weeks post opp abdominoplasty, bra line back lift, breast lift & augmentation,” the proud make up artist wrote on Instagram.

“Basically most of my lose skin has been removed apart from that on my upper thighs and bottom.”

Since posting the update, she has also shared a number of glamorous selfies – the blonde beauty now radiating confidence and a healthy glow.

“The human body is incredible that’s for sure, the places it has taken me, the huge changes it has witnessed and how much it continues to change still blows my mind,” she wrote next to a comparison snap of herself wearing underwear.

She also admitted that body weight exercises continue to be a struggle for her since her skin removal surgery but that she would continue to persist with them in the hope of seeing further changes in her body.

Since first starting her weight loss journey, Ms Anderson has earned over 136,000 followers and regularly shares inspiring words of advice, her workout regime and her diet choices with them.

Just six days after her surgery Ms Anderson also appeared on Tyra Banks’ new daytime TV show, FABLife, to show off her new body, revealing that while she was feeling ‘a bit tender’ she was thrilled with her new body.    

She also addressed the pressure she felt, working in the beauty industry, to always look perfect – and to conform to society’s views about the ideal look.

“I definitely felt that pressure, you’re around beauty 24/7 and you’re seeing these gorgeous, stick-thin models so it was always something that was in the back of your mind,” she explained.

By cutting out processed foods and eating smaller portions, Ms Anderson shrunk dramatically over the course of a year, improving not just her appearance but her life.

She explained that she didn’t just want to look better – she also wanted to feel better. Small tasks that should have been easy, like taking out the garbage, had become hard because of her excess weight, so she committed to the goal of getting healthy.

Ms Anderson’s feedback wasn’t all positive, however, with some people claiming that she couldn’t possibly have lost all the weight because she didn’t seem to have any excess skin in her early pictures.

“It was not something I was ashamed or embarrassed of or anything like that,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“But when I was sports training I would need to wear compression pants under sports tights to keep it all in place and stop it from bouncing up and down. It would rub and cause bleeding under the skin and I would get belly button infections, it was just incredibly uncomfortable.”

‘The depth and the level they [the haters] go to – it’s mind-blowing. I wouldn’t even think to write that to my worst enemy,’ she said.

“It was definitely a violation. I worked so hard for this, and you can’t take this away from me.”

Once she hit her goal weight, Dr. Remus Rapta, a doctor in Arizona, offered to perform the surgery to remove her excess skin.

“No amount of diet or exercise is going to get rid of that loose skin,” Dr. Rapta told People before the procedure.

Ms Anderson went under the knife for nine hours and was excited by the prospect of never again having to tuck her loose skin into her pants.  

And though she was in a lot of pain and was ‘quite miserable’ shortly after the procedure, Ms Anderson was very pleased with the results: “My body is so, so amazing, I couldn’t be happier,” she said at the time.

“I cannot wait for summer… I’ll be fully recovered and definitely be in a bikini.”

Article Source: Daily Mail UK