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On The Right Path – Lap Band Patients Success during Their Journey

||On The Right Path – Lap Band Patients Success during Their Journey

On The Right Path – Lap Band Patients Success during Their Journey

road-and-sunset1A Path to A New Beginning

Getting started on anything new and life changing is challenging. A lot of fear may surface when we want to make important changes in our lives. Will we fail? Can we follow through? Will we be able to make it to goal? Once you start walking the path  I can promise you this…you will never, EVER want to turn back. Put one foot in front of the other, head held high and keep walking. This way of life, is a lifestyle change that touches your heart, mind, body and soul so deeply that no matter how rocky it gets you know you are being lead down the right path. So stay committed, stay focused and remember to smile, breath and laugh along the way.

On The Right Path

Once the decision to have Lap Band surgery is made often getting to goal weight is the focus. But there is value in the journey itself. When the focus is only on goal it can be easy to forget about the great steps forward and lessons that are learned that are made as our patients move toward their goals.

We would like to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our patients as they work towards their goal and support them on their weight loss journey.

The road may be long but you are never alone. Keep up the great work!


10402880_10202859381180633_8205144449154181433_n88_pounds1-300x167 Julie M. *

I went to the lake with my family over the weekend. We rented paddle boards and had so much fun! I don’t think my brain has caught up to my new body because I still double take my pictures. I’m not a super model (yet) but I sure have come a long way! I have lost 88 pounds in 16 months!  * Results may vary.  I appreciate the little things… sitting with my legs folded, shopping in regular stores, crossing my legs and not sweating over short walks to the mail box!   This journey has been an adventure and I’m proud of myself for changing so many of my bad habits. I’m 12 pounds away from my 100 pound goal and I

will make it! I’m going to blow up this picture and add a title that says “I can do hard things!

Update to Julie’s progress – I was able to maintain about 90 pounds for several months. I decided to
start trying for baby number three. In years past, it has taken me years to get pregnant. I am thrilled to report that after one month, I found out I was pregnant! It’s pretty amazing that all of my hard work, and dedication to the Lap-Band, has paid off! Everything is easier! I’m looking forward to this pregnancy experience.

Michael B. banded 1/14/14 *

Weight loss has slowed down but doing quit well. My energy level is
doubled. I am down 76 lbs today.  * Results may vary.  That’s half way to my goal I want to loss another 75 lbs by this coming Christmas.


6a011168668cad970c01157223665f970bRon A. banded 2/1/14 *

Four months after my lap-band surgery I am down 48 lbs, blood pressure and blood sugar back to normal. Had first fill a couple weeks ago and adjusted well . looking forward to losing another 30 lbs and reaching target weight by Christmas . have real momentum and nothing will stop me now! * Results may vary.

(Update) I can advise that after six months I have lost 58 lbs with 27 lbs more to go to meet my goal by Christmas. More than doable. * Results may vary.

Weight loss has slowed down to about six/seven lbs a month, but I’m happy with that as Ive changed my eating habits dramatically and its now a way of life to the point I don’t even think about it anymore, however, still logging in every calorie I eat/drink to continue training my brain. Had first band fill in June. Blood pressure is down to normal and blood sugar excellent. I”m also walking 20-25 miles a week and feel excellent. Thrilled I made the lap-band choice with Dr. Kuri last February.
Regards, Ron A. From Camrose Canada


  • 10390953_10154186103705206_1427911650752056455_n

    Shanna W. Top picture my sons high school graduation 2010. Bottom picture, his college graduation on May 2014

 Anna L. *

For me, my obesity affected everything, including my fertility. Loosing weight gave me my life back and two daughters back to back in 2011 at 38 years old! Only fifteen more pounds to my goal! * Results may vary.

 Rhona K Banded Nov 15th/2013 *

Dr. Kuri he saved my life as far as I’m concerned and love him for it!

I am down to 220lbs now from 280, I feel really good and yes I find it still a challenge from my old habits, but when I look at myself in the mirror and can actually see my waist, it makes me happy. * Results may vary.  Even my breathing has gotten better with COPD and all IT’S GREAT!!!!  In addition to that, my sugar levels, high blood pressure and sleeping problems have improved about 65%, like I said I owe  Dr.Kuri and his staff so much. The “LAP BAND”  really has saved my life and I am enjoying the new healthier person I have become, so does my family.  The best thing I ever did for myself!!! * Results may vary.

  Frank H *

When I started I weighed around 285. My initial goal when getting the operation was to get under 220 pounds, and my ultimate goal was to get down to under 200 pounds which I thought at the time was a tough but reasonable goal. I made it to down 206. * Results may vary. Now that I am here I may need to reevaluate how much further down I want to go, giving that my lowest weight was  177, which is what I weighed when I was 18 years old while in the Marine Corps. Anyway you look at it. My feet, knees, ankles, and hips don’t hurt anymore and I no longer have to take diabetic medication. My doctor says that I am not even close to the danger range anymore and is extremely happy with the results. As am I. Beyond that, my personal confidence in my
appearance is better than it’s been since the 70’s.

10670050_869297696416078_5680829700542578365_nDebbie from Canada Banded June 10th 2014 *

Hello Doctor Kuri, I am writing to give you much thanks for the lap band surgery you preformed on me June 10th of this year (2014) The Lap-Band has been an amazing tool for my weight loss.I have currently lost 42 lbs since the surgery and more to go . * Results may vary.

The follow-up doctor that was recommended to me in Vancouver at St Paul’s hospital was very good.During my first visit with the doctor he spent 2 hours with me,going over everything, asking me questions about the surgery and how did I hear about you.(He actually now recommends either Dr kuri& Associates for having Lap-Band Surgery or going to Washington to his patients, as he believes it shouldn’t be done in Vancouver. (His opinion is you are very experienced in this field)

This doctor also recommended the best book I have ever read and has become my second tool in my weight loss.I would suggest that you recommend your future patients to read this book prior to surgery and they will have a much much better success.The book is called, “The Beck Diet solution” (it is not a diet but a cognitive process to re train your brain and teach you how to think thin and the reasons why we over eat etc)I found this book to be so helpful to myself.

I have been walking a lot also,up and down hills,changing my routes so my body does not become use to the routine.I will be adding weights to my exercise plan very soon.

Here is my before and after 42lb weight loss picture. Thank you very much for a new start on my life! * Results may vary.


image (2)

Yolanda C. Banded March 18, 2011 lost 100+ lbs and still going “I have Dr Kuri to thank for it!

image (4)20140816_222031-120150131_115832-2









Patrick *

My weight loss journey has been a great one. I love my Band and it is the tool I’ve always needed. I started at 440lbs. I am now 302. I now lift weights, do Cross-fit and run 4-5 days a week   for exercise regularly.  I’m not really trying to get skinny just be active.   love the freedom I have now. Attached is a recent photo.

Update Feb. 4 2015

Well my journey has been great!! I’m more active than I’ve been in 20
years and just recently ran my first 5k in 27 mins.  I pratice eating healthy and workout 5x a week, thank you for helping me live.:)  I started at 440lbs and am proud to say that I’m now a great feeling 275 lbs my surgery was April 2013. * Results may vary.  I love me new lease on life.  Attached photo I’m in the middle.
Patrick Whelton


10994449_10203404227008107_206447394207122700_nMatthew P. surgery date 10/23/2014 *

Thanks Dr. Pedro Kuri I’m down 71 pounds and couldn’t feel any better. * Results may vary. I got my first fill today. You helped me get my life back.Alicia, Yvette, Deb thanks for all you do for me you all!

13821_10203657381976823_8598643119822038279_nUp-Date – March 31 2015 – Down 81 pounds started at 331 current weight 250.  * Results may vary.








Tonya R. *

I am so happy I made the best decision to do the lapband. Life has been awesome!
I’ve only had two fills, and I am now at 156 lbs. almost at my goal weight. * Results may vary.
My pre-weight was a whopping 245 lbs. I am actually shopping for clothes in small to medium women’s sizes, before I shopped in Plus sizes. I can now fit in my leather black jacket I wore in year 2000, that I had put away in my closet for over 14 years. Woohoo! My friends tell me I am looking fabulous. Thank you! Dr. Kuri and team! Loving life,
– Tonya R.


11041772_10155338610365532_3068142771717196556_nCassandra H. *

Not cheating a day since I started my journey and it is paying off. Today I’m down 1.8 lbs this week and total weight loss since January is 31.4 lbs and the grand total since my surgery is 95 lbs. * Results may vary. Feeling extremely proud of my dedication to a healthy lifestyle. People ask me what my secret is and my secret is not cheating, lots of water and commitment to myself everyday to stay focused on a healthy life style.

— feeling amazing.

11152329_10155411999210532_7253745040327551736_nUp-Date April 15th 2015 *

This is my progress picture so far!! In this pic I am down 98.6 lbs and still have 44.4 lbs to go. * Results may vary. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so focused on reaching my goal!!!!! posting my goal pictures with all my weight off is going to be a few more months but I will definitely get there. Feeling proud of my accomplishment so far …...

feeling determined.



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