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Pat | Size 26 to size 10 * Results may vary

|, Century Club|Pat | Size 26 to size 10 * Results may vary

Pat | Size 26 to size 10 * Results may vary

“I consider Dr. Kuri and his team as my “lifesavers” because that is what they offered me….a tool to help me become healthy and enjoy life to the fullest.”

“I can’t lose weight or exercise because I have MS.” That had been my excuse since my diagnosis in 1988, but let me back up a few years. My weight during my childhood and teen years was “normal”, but I always “felt” that I was overweight. My mom was obese from her childhood and so I was raised watching her struggle with her weight and low self-esteem.

After I got married and started having children, I began putting on weight. I tried all of the usual diets; Weight Watchers, Diet Center, “liquid protein,” “Atkins”, you name it and I had tried it. I usually lost some weight but eventually ended up putting it back on.

When I was diagnosed with MS I thought that would be the end of my trying to lose weight because I could not do “normal” exercises. My weight continued to increase and I finally quit weighing myself. I was so ashamed of how large I had become, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to take care of my personal hygiene properly. In a family where many members have suffered with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, I knew that I had to do something or else I could also end up with one of these conditions.

In January of 2005 I made up my mind to try one more time to lose weight. I went on a popular liquid diet but the weight loss was so slow. One day I was surfing the internet about weight loss surgery and Dr. Kuri’s website popped up. I was determined not to pursue gastric bypass because I felt it was too drastic for me. I filled out the questionnaire online and was very surprised when two days later I received a phone call asking if I had any questions and would I like to secure a surgery date?

I mentioned the surgery in Mexico to my husband, who told me that if I really wanted to do it that we would come up with the money somehow. I really was not put off by the idea of going to Mexico since I had been to Monterrey, Mexico in 1998 for other medical issues. I was a little apprehensive about the surgery itself, but all of the positive posts on the website put my mind at ease.

On May 27, 2005, I had lap band surgery and I have not regretted one moment. I began this journey at 270 lbs and have surpassed my initial goal of 100 lbs. I have lost 106 lbs and have never felt better. In the 2 1/2 years since surgery I have had nine fills and three un-fills, but otherwise it has been a pretty smooth road.

I really enjoy shopping for clothes now. I have gone from a size 24-26 dress to a size 10. I love that I can now turn over in bed and also get in and out of the bathtub myself. I do not need a seat belt extender in the airplane…in fact I make it a game each time I fly to see how far I can cinch the belt. When we travel down south and rent a car, we can rent a regular car because now my thighs fit underneath the steering wheel. I found an exercise machine so that I can sit in a chair and exercise my legs. My husband and family have been behind me 100% and have played a vital role in my success.

I consider Dr. Kuri and his team as my “lifesavers” because that is what they offered me….a tool to help me become healthy and enjoy life to the fullest.

If you really want to lose weight, no matter whether you are fairly healthy or have limited mobility, you CAN do it.

* Results may vary.