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Recovering From a Holiday Hangover

|||Recovering From a Holiday Hangover

Recovering From a Holiday Hangover

When the holidays are over, you may find yourself searching for your most forgiving clothes as your body deals with the effects of a little too much food. Then there’s the guilt, that mental wince when you remember that extra piece of pie or that giant glass of eggnog you wish you could take back in the cold light of day. Unfortunately, there’s no way to un-eat what you ate, but you can do some damage control and get back on track for the new year.

Take Time to Rest

One reason we overindulge this time of year is stress.”Too many activities, even if they are fun activities like baking, shopping and partying, can culminate into too much holiday stress and leave us feeling frazzled rather than fulfilled.” In fact, holidays often force us into too much of everything — too much eating, drinking, shopping and even too much togetherness with family members, which can lead to holiday burnout and, ultimately, more stress.


Just a few things you may experience after a holiday include:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Depression
  • Bloating or fatigue from too much fat or sugar
  • Guilt from eating too much


Rather than let these feelings take over, use these ideas to deal with that post-holiday stress.


  • Get moving. It may be the last thing you feel like doing, but getting the blood flowing is the perfect remedy for a food hangover. Think simple — walking, light strength training, or yoga. Even a few minutes can boost your mood and your energy levels.


  • Drink water. That bloating you’re experiencing could be due to an overload of salt, which can cause water retention. Many holiday favorites contain way more salt than the body needs, so drinking extra water can help you get rid of the extra bloat.


  • Eat lightly. After eating too much, you may be tempted to declare, “I’ll never eat again!” You may also be amazed that you’re actually hungry after all that eating. Starving yourself, however, isn’t the answer. Nibble on light fare such as salad, soup, sandwiches and fruit to give your body nutrients without overloading it with calories.


  • Make a plan. One of the worst side effects of eating too much is the guilt that comes after. Guilt is sometimes inevitable, but you can use that feeling to motivate you into something better. Make a plan for the next few days for how you’ll get back on track with your eating and exercise. Just the act of planning can make you feel better…just make sure you follow through.


  • Plan for the future. Last, take some time to think about the choices you made this season and what you can do to avoid those same choices in the future. Doing this can also help you make good choices more consistently so that overindulgence isn’t a frequent problem.


We all overindulge from time to time and, during the holidays, it’s easy to get derailed from our healthy habits. Getting back on track right away is one of the best ways to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes from overindulgence. Each healthy choice you make is a reminder of your commitment to being healthy and fit all year-round.


Getting Back on Track with Exercise

It would be so much easier to exercise every day if life just cooperated a little more. But, most of us will face times when we can’t exercise and even the most devoted exerciser will eventually have to abandon his workout routine for any number of reasons. Illness, moving, having a baby, getting married, out-of-town guests. These things and more will happen at some point and, as a result you may find your exercise routine going right out the window. The trick isn’t necessarily in avoiding these situations but in learning how to keep going in spite of them.


If you find yourself a long way from your workouts, wondering how to get back on track, there is a way to make the road back a little easier.

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