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Small Changes Can really Make Your Weight Loss Take-off

||Small Changes Can really Make Your Weight Loss Take-off

Small Changes Can really Make Your Weight Loss Take-off

woman-scale-balloons-600x450-COMP-3085848Overhauling your diet and fitness routines can certainly have a huge impact on your health. But making sweeping changes can also be a shock to the system, making them hard to keep up. In fact, studies show people are more successful when they build on small changes over time.

We would like to share some of the ideas that our patients have reported to us about a small change they have  made since having Lap Band surgery. We sorted through hundreds of answers to compile this list of small, but smart, changes that can make a big difference to your health.


images (2)Small Food Changes

“Look up food before I put it in my mouth.” —Pauline W. K.

“If I’m going to have a snack, the correct portion goes in a bowl or on a plate, and the rest gets put back wherever it goes. Much better than mindlessly eating straight from the container.” —Cara E. M.

“No more McDonalds cheese burgers!” —Virginia W.

“I cut my portions in half.” —Marie H.

“I’ve become a food snob. If I am using calories for it, it better be worth it.” —Stephanie W.

“Cut out sugar and started walking. Lost 90 some pounds and no longer have to take medicine for diabetes. And I quit smoking too!” —Patti S.

“No more fast food!” Stacey C. M.

“I no longer drink any calories.” —Diana S.

“Shopping at the local meat market for my meat, buying fresh produce, and staying away from stores with food that comes in a box.” —Tim J.

“Cooking at home instead of eating out has helped my weight and my wallet.” —Abbie B.

tumblr_n14zhpug411rmjd3no1_500 “I stopped snacking when I’m bored.” —Lauren G.

“Trying new, healthy foods. Before getting healthy I wouldn’t have even tried avocado or spaghetti squash!” —Crystal F.

“Giving up mayo in my sandwiches!” —Andrea F.

“Making fruits, greens, veggies, seeds and nuts a major part of my diet by using my blender one to two times per day.” —Sharon K.

“Always looking at labels now to see what is in my ‘healthy’ food.” —Bobbie W.

“Eating breakfast! Keeps me full and prevents me from reaching for the sugar.”

“Actually incorporating vegetables into my diet. Previously French fries were considered a vegetable—no more. 145 pounds lost.” – Mindy H.

“Definitely portion control and Joining online support group and meeting  new friends for support.” Sandra W.

“I’m drinking more water and tracking it!” Beth R.


just-startSmall Fitness Changes

“Taking the stairs up to my work office instead of using the elevator. Four flights, four times a day! Used to be absolutely painful, but I can run up them now!” —Ann S.

“Exercise, I actually exercise now and even miss it when I don’t. ” —Jo J.

“Swimming six times a week! Feel absolutely better!” —Cennet E.

“I’ve started hiking a lot.” —Shanah Z.

“I park in the spot furthest from the door everywhere I go. At first I couldn’t make it, now I can make it and then some!” —Emily E.

change-3Small Habit Changes

“Everything I eat gets logged BEFORE I eat it.” —Kari S. S.

“Logging 310 days straight helped me reach my goal weight, and I’m still logging so I don’t gain it back!” —Beverly O. S.

I am more “Mindful” of the way I eat now, the Lap Band helps me to stop and pause while I am eating so I stop before I eat too much”. Paula S.

I used to just decide what to eat just before I was ready to eat. Now I take the time to plan what I am going to eat for the day. This helps me to have better control and a more balanced diet. – Rachael C.

I now take the time and ask “am I hungry or do I really just want to eat for another reason. It is amazing how many times I reach for food when what I need is more emotional or comfort related. This extra step has saved me hundreds of calories. Maria W.


342f774a4dccc17de564c8332eee09daSmall Mindset Changes

“Learning to love myself. Not beating myself up when I make a mistake! Trying to think positive!” —Kylie D.

“Stopped thinking this was a diet—this is about adjusting eating habits to make myself healthier.” —Sarah S.

“I threw out my scale.” —Charlie C.

“Moderation, I now think about having a little and being satisfied rather then eliminating and feeling deprived.” —Tami S.

Now I eat for the size I want to be, not for the size I am currently”. –  Bill F.

When cravings or temptation hits, I remind myself why I wanted to start all this in the first place. My mental motivation really helps. Misheal B.


What’s one small change you’ve made since Having Lap Band surgery that’s made a big difference?

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