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Steve O. | Lost 220 lbs * Results may vary

|, Century Club|Steve O. | Lost 220 lbs * Results may vary

Steve O. | Lost 220 lbs * Results may vary

“I would do the process again in a heartbeat.”

I have been overweight and a compulsive over eater as long as I can remember. By late 2005 I was back up to my 400 pound high weight. By luck while I was searching the lap-band process, I found Dr. Kuri’s web site. I inquired with the team and got the information I needed. Of course I did not have the money to get the Band so I borrowed the money from Medicredit and was approved for the loan.

My surgery date was set 1/7/05, I was kind of scared going to TJ for an operation ( I had been to TJ quite few times when I lived in San Diego) and did not have very good memories of the area of the Hospital. My wife and I arrived in SD and Dr. Kuri’s team picked us up took us to Dr. Kuri’s office for blood work, then to Dr. Peterson’s for an exam. There were five us having the band that and that was a blessing having folks there to walk through the process with you. Everything went great. I stayed one night in the hospital, one night in the hotel.

My wife and I then flew home. I was on a liquid diet then a soft food diet for a couple of weeks. I had my first fill down in TJ in March and was down by around 35 pounds!

The second fill was in June 2005 and I was down 80 pounds. My third fill was down in TJ, I was down around 125 pounds. My last fill was done in Cinn. Ohio in August 2006, which is where I am at this time. I am down 203 pounds and I feel great. This time I really believe the weight is going to stay off.

I do not always follow the program but the band is the tool that stops me from over eating. It is the perfect weight loss tool for me. I would do the process again in a heartbeat. I am so sold on the Kuri team. The Band works, it really does.

* Results may vary.