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The Kuri Bandster Bash is a Blast

|||The Kuri Bandster Bash is a Blast

The Kuri Bandster Bash is a Blast

For  11 years, Dr. Kuri has hosted the most extravagant party for Lap-Band patients anywhere. This annual event, fondly known as The Kuri Bandster Bash, occurs every August and has become a favorite festivity among the Bandster community. Most who attend begin the countdown for the next year’s Bash the day after they leave! Each Bash is held in one of the finer hotels in the Tijuana area, and over the years has grown and transformed from a small celebration among banded patients to a themed party weekend with an emphasis on education and exercise to help inspire and motivate all.

Here are some of the highlights from previous Bashes:

Themed Parties
The whole Kuri family is involved in the planning and participation of the Bandster Bash. Mrs. Kuri selects the theme and games for each Bash. With great detail, she creates the perfect party every year. Patients love the opportunity to party it up in a comfortable environment with other banded patients. Evening events include games, raffle prizes, drinks, great food and lots and lots of high energy dancing.

Lap-Band Giveaway
Dr. Kuri knows the band works and he also recognizes that not all can afford the gift of life it offers. With this in mind he continues his tradition, year after year, of giving away a Free Lap-Band…and sometimes more than one!

Patients can participate in a diverse range of educational classes from meal planning and fill education, to patient advocacy and navigating the online Patient Forum. Classes are evolving each year, with a wide range of topics, more in-depth handouts, and power point presentations!

The Bandster Bash also gives patients the opportunity to participate in various exercise classes. Some of the classes offered are water aerobics, pilates, yoga and more.

The Bandster Bash is for everyone to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you are considering the Lap-Band, newly banded, or have been banded for many years – All are welcome. We hope all patients take advantage of this unique approach to aftercare! It’s a weekend for all Bandsters to enjoy education, support, and inspiration, as we celebrate life with the Lap-Band, and our patients and community of Bandsters for the positive changes they continue to make in their life.