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Weight Loss Survival Skills – Commit to Your Exercise Time

|||Weight Loss Survival Skills – Commit to Your Exercise Time

Weight Loss Survival Skills – Commit to Your Exercise Time


Commit to Your Exercise Time

One reason many of us skip exercise is because we don’t actually commit to it. You might have a vague idea of getting in some workouts this week, but until you actually commit yourself, it won’t happen. It’s hard to commit to something in the future, especially a workout. You may tell yourself you’re going to exercise while mentally leaving the door open to bail on the idea if something better comes along.

Successful weight losers not only commit to exercise each week, they also guard that time fiercely. The more often you show up for your workouts, no matter what you actually do during the workout, the easier it will be to make exercise a habit. These tips will help you make that commitment to exercise:

* Schedule your workouts. Sit down with your schedule and carve out your exercise time for the entire week.

* Plan your routine. Write down what you’ll do and where, when and how you’ll do it. You can always change things later if necessary.

* Prepare yourself. Get everything ready for your workouts ahead of time to reduce the chance of changing your mind.

* Protect your time. Plan everything else around that exercise time.

* Always follow through. No matter what’s going on, try to follow through with every planned workout. Even if you only get in 5 or 10 minutes, keeping your commitment will empower you to follow through the next time. That consistency will help you build strength, endurance and the momentum to keep going.