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Weight Loss Survival Skills – Create Your Own Motivation

|||Weight Loss Survival Skills – Create Your Own Motivation

Weight Loss Survival Skills – Create Your Own Motivation


Weight Loss Survival Skills – Create Your Own Motivation

Create Your Own Motivation

It feels good to imagine yourself getting up at 5:30 a.m. and going to the gym, getting in a killer workout before you start your day. What happens, though, when 5:30 a.m. rolls around? Suddenly that “great idea” you had to workout so early seems like madness.

Making plans to exercise is the easy part. Following through takes a different set of skills, and it starts with realizing that you have to create your own motivation.

We sometimes wait until we feel like exercising, but how much does anyone feel like exercising at 5:30 a.m.? The key is to find something, anything, that gets you moving. Once you get started, the rest will fall into place.

* Promise yourself a reward. Sometimes just having something to look forward to is enough to get you out of bed — a hot bath, a massage at the end of the week or a leisurely night watching your favorite TV show. Promise yourself something good in exchange for your hard work.

* Remind yourself of your goals. Write down your goals and put them next to your bed, right on top of your snooze button. When you wake up and consider skipping your workout, look at your goals to remind yourself that this workout is a necessary step to reaching them.

* Don’t stop looking for motivation. Some days motivation may be hard to come by. Even reminders of your goals may not be enough to get you moving, and you may be tempted to roll over and go back to sleep. Hey, you tried, didn’t you? Instead of giving up, keep digging through all the reasons to workout until you find one that resonates with you. Each day something different will motivate you – you just have to find what that something is. While you’re digging, go ahead and put on your workout clothes. Now lace up your shoes and get started on your warm up. By the end of it, I’ll bet you find a reason to keep going.