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Weight Loss Survival Skills – Realize There’s No Quick Fix

|||Weight Loss Survival Skills – Realize There’s No Quick Fix

Weight Loss Survival Skills – Realize There’s No Quick Fix


There’s No Quick Fix

Most people know (at least intellectually) that weight loss is a slow process. Due to all of the infomercials and questionable information out there, though, many of us have a secret belief that if we could just find that one diet/exercise/pill, it really would be quick and easy. The truth is you have to exercise and eat well most days of the week to really get where you want to go.

Successful weight losers know this and act accordingly, committing themselves each day to exercise and healthful eating. There is no point at which they can stop making these healthy choices and go back to eating junk food and sitting around the house. If they do, they’ll go right back to where they were before they lost the weight.

To understand this for yourself, think about how you approach weight loss.

Do you try diet after diet only to quit after a few weeks? If so, maybe you need to quit dieting and focus on the lasting changes you can make.

Do you start exercising only to quit if you don’t see results? Maybe setting more realistic goals would motivate you to stick with it.

You may even need some mental tweaking to open your mind and find a new perspective about weight loss.