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Weight Loss Survival Skills – Nurture A Desire to Get Healthy

|||Weight Loss Survival Skills – Nurture A Desire to Get Healthy

Weight Loss Survival Skills – Nurture A Desire to Get Healthy


Nurture A Desire to Get Healthy

What You Need to Lose Weight

Despite the seemingly endless information out there, losing weight still seems like a mysterious process. We know it’s fundamentally about burning more calories than we eat, and most of us have the physical tools we need to make it happen: getting in our workouts and watching our diets. Weight loss, though, is about much more than that.

Every choice you make each day, whether to exercise or not, whether to have the grilled chicken or go for the burger, whether to watch TV or go for a walk, will determine whether you lose weight, stay where you are or even gain more weight. So what do you need to make those good choices day after day? Below are some basic survival skills you need to stay on the weight loss track.

Nurture A Desire to Get Healthy

It may seem obvious, but making daily healthy choices starts with a fundamental desire to better yourself and not just to lose weight. The decision to be better, look better and feel better isn’t based on guilt, shame or the fact that your pants feel too tight — your motivation to live well is based on wanting a better life and making changes to have that better life.

When you have the right mindset, you’re able to look at exercise in a new light, as something that feels good rather than a punishment. You stop expecting instant results, because you’re not as focused on those external changes. You’re also able to bypass excuses (I’m too busy, I’m too tired, and so on) that stop you before you even start.

Encourage healthful lifestyle changes by:

* Fostering your desires. We all have moments when we desperately want to lose weight, but that desperation doesn’t lead to lasting motivation. Ask yourself what you really want for yourself. Go beyond thinner thighs or smaller love handles, and instead, ask yourself what would really make your life better: Having more energy? Staying healthy and active for your kids? Write these things down to remind yourself of what you really want.

* Asking around. If you know healthy people, ask them why they exercise every day. You may hear something about weight loss, but you’ll also hear other reasons: “it makes me feel better,” “it gives me energy” or “life wouldn’t be the same without it.” Think about what you hear and imagine having those reasons for yourself.

* Practicing. Most of us know how to make healthful choices, but we just don’t follow through when it comes to crunch time. Overcome that by practicing one new healthy choice each day, no matter how small it is. Have an extra glass of water or take a walk on your next break. Those are the choices that lead to weight loss.