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Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

|Bariatric Surgery in Mexico
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Obesity rates continue to climb in the US and other countries as well as the cost of quality medical care. Obesity can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Worse still, it can be life threatening. Before the advancement of Bariatric Surgery many people suffered with obesity as an inescapable fact of life despite their best efforts at dieting and exercising.

Today however, thanks to Bariatric Surgery losing weight is no longer out of reach. Bariatric Surgery has helped thousands of formally obese and morbidly obese patient’s re-gained their health as well as improved their quality of life.

Bariatric Surgery is extremely common in Mexico, and when compared to equivalent bariatric procedures performed in a surgical clinic in the United States, the cost is much lower. In some cases the price difference is as much as 50% lower than typical costs in the USA or Canada.

Is Bariatric Surgery In Mexico Safe?

What most people don’t understand is that medical certification in Mexico is virtually the same as it is in the USA. Medical care in the USA is highly regulated and all doctors and surgeons must undergo strenuous study, internship, and testing before being declared cit to treat patients. Surgeons in Mexico undergo the same process and additionally all specialists and surgeons are required to have their skills recertified every five years to ensure they are still capable of performing specific surgical tasks, which is something that is not even required in the USA. This is to say that there is really no need to feel that the doctors treating patients in Mexico are of lower quality simply because they were educated and/or certified there.

Why Choose Dr. Kuri For Your Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery?

Dr. Kuri has chosen to exclusively specialize in a Bariatric procedure called the Lap Band® Adjustable Gastric Band. Out of all the bariatric procedures being performed, Lap-Band surgery is the top surgical procedure used by surgeons to treat severe obesity. It is minimally invasive, has fewer risks and side effects than other obesity surgeries, and is effective in providing long term weight loss. Dr. Kuri together with his highly trained team of Bariatric Surgeons have performed Lap Band Surgery thousands of times (over 5,500 procedures) and are considered some of the best experts and leaders in their specific fields of practice. With over ten years’ experience performing bariatric surgery as a team their familiarity with bariatric Lap-Band surgery is second to none.

As with any surgery follow up and after care is very important. But with bariatric Surgery patient follow up and education is vital to continued patient success. Bariatric Surgery is just the beginning to a long journey of healthy changes a patient must commit to before they reach their goal weight. Bariatric Surgery is just one piece of their weight management plan. Dr. Kuri and his team are dedicated to patient follow up and education after surgery by providing available staff and educational resources to patients to further their success at no extra charge.

Which Bariatric Surgery Should You Choose?

With the advancements and success in bariatric surgery there are several weight loss surgery options to choose from. A patient considering bariatric surgery should spend some time doing some research to make an informed decision on which surgery option is best for them. Although cost is often a huge consideration when making a decision about which bariatric procedure and surgeon to choose, we advise you to look for a reputable experienced surgeon and a clean state of the art hospital facility. It should be made clear that while medical care in Mexico is considerably cheaper than in the rest of North America, there are still minimum costs associated with high-­‐quality medical care, and healthcare in general is not a cheap industry. This does not mean that small discounts should be a red flag, but like all things in which quality is a concern, if the price seems too good to be true, then it usually is.

In closing to help you with your decision, we welcome you to visit our website and talk with our medically trained patient facilitator nurse who will guide you through the details of the surgery and answer your questions about our facilities, travel, aftercare, and Dr. Kuri’s experience and reputation.