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Ann R. | Lost 80 lbs * Results may vary

|, Family & Friends|Ann R. | Lost 80 lbs * Results may vary

Ann R. | Lost 80 lbs * Results may vary

“The after care is excellent.”

I started looking into weight loss surgery about 4 years ago after a dentist refused to do work on me as my blood pressure was so high – 149 over 99. A friend of mine Mona who had already had the surgery told me about Dr Kuri so I decided to look into the lap band. Everybody was so helpful and friendly so I decided to go ahead. I had my surgery on November 12th 2004 and have lost 80lbs and my blood pressure is now normal along with the rest of my health. The after care is excellent, if I have any question I know I can phone and get answers or log onto the Dr Kuri website where everybody is also knowledgeable and helpful. I was so happy with the results that two of my friends also came down to TJ after me and had the lap bands.

* Results may vary.