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Brian W | Lost 350 lbs * Results may vary

|, Century Club|Brian W | Lost 350 lbs * Results may vary

Brian W | Lost 350 lbs * Results may vary

“Dr. Kuri’s LapBand saved my life, and to him and his staff, words cannot convey my gratitude.”

Try to imagine being over 640 pounds, and unable to walk, work, or bathe. This was my life. At age 34 my weight was topping over 640 pounds, and I could hardly breathe.

My apartment had trash two feet high in all but one room. As a result, my beautiful five year-old, Italian Greyhound dies due to bacterial infection in his kidneys. He was the only friend I had left. My other friend’s stopped calling. If you can’t go out, and can’t fit anywhere in public, after awhile, those friend’s loose contact. Can you blame them?

My body stunk; my complexion was grotesque; and none of my clothes fit. Except for stretch pants. Now are you grasping, and visualizing my life four years ago? Need I tell you I was depressed beyond my mind, and addicted to prescription pain, sleeping, and depression medication? I was dying a little more everyday, and my family knew it. They did an intervention, and my sister contacted Dr. Kuri. (The same way you did.) My parents moved me into their house and took control of my rapidly downward-spiraling life. The next thing I knew I was on an airplane to meet Dr. Kuri, and save my life.

The surgery was a complete success, and life is as never before! Dr. Kuri’s surgical team are as wonderful as he. Dr. Kuri’s Lap-Band saved my life, and to him and his staff, words cannot convey my gratitude. I love him and his entire medical staff. Truly, their heart is in this, and the team of people involved with Dr.Kuri are like none other.

* Results may vary.