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Linda E. | Lost 60 lbs * Results may vary

My name is Linda Elmquist. I am a RN. I work in a surgical area. I had lap band surgery with Dr. Pedro Kuri in Tijuana Mexico in October of 2005. I too, like everyone, was anxious about the idea of going to Mexico for surgery, having seen such bad examples of Mexican surgeons at my work. Not so the case. I have found out that there are many excellent surgeons and facilities that cater to Americans that are failed by the insurance system here. I researched the options in Mexico and decided upon Dr. Kuri. I received excellent feedback about him from other healthcare worker, including physicians, that had the surgery. My surgical experience was great! I brought my daughter for support. She is also a nurse. Dr. Kuri allowed and even encouraged her to observe my surgery. She was impressed with the surgeon's skills and the facilities. The staff was great. The hospital is beautiful. The hotel was perfect. I could not have had a better experience in my OWN hospital!! I have had no complications. I get all my fills done with Dr. Kuri in Mexico. I am a firm believer in fluoroscopy for the fills. This ascertains that my band is in place and that the fill is appropriate. From Tucson the cost is about one hundred dollars to fly to and from Tijuana. I do it in one day. I have had four fills and one unfill. After a year I finally came to the place, a sweet spot, where I am losing at a regular rate. I am continuing to learn about my body, my psyche and food intake. The best thing about being banded is I never have to worry about dieting. I know that the weight is coming off and I will not gain it back. To date I have lost 60 lbs. so far and I have 25 more to go. My weight loss has not been as dramatic as some as I did not have as much weight to lose. My starting BMI was 37. The skinnier you are, the slower the weight loss. I am satisfied with the surgery, the support and my results.

Linda E. | Lost 60 lbs * Results may vary 2016-12-12T22:23:55+00:00

Jennifer T | Lost 61 lbs * Results may vary

“It’s the best decision I have ever made and would do it over again in the same place with the same doctor!”

Wow! What a journey! I cannot explain how much different I feel and the amount of energy I have! Even though I haven’t reached goal weight, the loss of 61 pounds is amazing! My entire experience has been wonderful, starting with surgery in Mexico though the journey I have done […]

Jennifer T | Lost 61 lbs * Results may vary 2016-12-12T22:23:55+00:00

Linda S | Lost 115 lbs * Results may vary

“I work in the health care field and am a health care professional and can honestly say that I have never seen healthcare any better.”

Like so many others I have struggled with obesity since childhood. I had the ability to be successful with some of my dieting efforts but the weight always ended up coming back on with extra to spare. So I knew when I read about the Lap-Band that […]

Linda S | Lost 115 lbs * Results may vary 2016-12-12T22:23:55+00:00

Angelia | Lost 90 lbs * Results may vary

“I owe this man my life for giving me the tool to become the healthiest person I can be.”

I have two birthdays! My first birthday is the day I was born and my second birthday is the day I was banded, on 1-13-05. I had reached a weight of 238 pounds and I panicked. I had tried everything to lose weight without success. I did my research and discovered the adjustable […]

Angelia | Lost 90 lbs * Results may vary 2016-12-12T22:23:56+00:00

Gillian M | Lost over 100 lbs * Results may vary

“As a nurse for many years, in several different countries, I found the care and professionalism of Dr. Kuri to be the winning combination in my battle to overcome obesity.”

I have always been a ‘PHAT’ girl, trying many diet and weight loss products with no successful, sustainable loss. Finally, I realized my size was preventing me from LIVING MY LIFE OUT LOUD!!! By the summer of ’07, at almost 300 lbs, […]

Gillian M | Lost over 100 lbs * Results may vary 2016-12-12T22:23:56+00:00