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Linda S | Lost 115 lbs * Results may vary

|, Medical Professionals|Linda S | Lost 115 lbs * Results may vary

Linda S | Lost 115 lbs * Results may vary

“I work in the health care field and am a health care professional and can honestly say that I have never seen healthcare any better.”

Like so many others I have struggled with obesity since childhood. I had the ability to be successful with some of my dieting efforts but the weight always ended up coming back on with extra to spare. So I knew when I read about the Lap-Band that it was the answer for me. After doing research by phone and internet it soon became apparent that Dr. Kuri was the surgeon of choice. My sister and I decided to do it together and had our surgeries in September of 2004. Two weeks before surgery I was 250 pounds (had been as high as 263) and after dieting in preparation of surgery I weighed 243 (size 22-24). I’ve had outstanding success with the Lap-Band and today weigh 135 (size 6-8). I can say that the Lap-Band has been one of the best decisions I ever made (and selecting Dr. Kuri)! Since September 2004 I’ve had 8 fills and 2 unfills. I do believe that being reasonably aggressive with fills and starting a regular program of exercise has been key to my success.

In May of last year I had a lower body lift and thigh lift to remove the excess hanging skin. That was another transforming surgical experience but not of the Dr. Kuri caliber. I completed my body surgery late last year having the “batwings” removed from my arms. I would like to make note and urge anyone contemplating body surgery involving the abdomen to call Dr. Kuri first for instruction about fill levels in the band before and after surgery. The only difficulty I ever had with my band would have been easily prevented if I had consulted with them before surgery.

I recently had the pleasure to accompany two friends to Mexico undergoing Lap-Band surgery and what a positive experience that was for both my friends and myself. While I thought my surgical experience in 2004 was a good one the experience now is even better. The whole surgical experience (including all pre-op visits) now takes place in a gorgeous new hospital. I had the opportunity to observe Dr. Kuri and his incredible team in action for my friends’ two surgeries in the hospital’s state of the art surgical suites. I work in the health care field and am a health care professional and can honestly say that I have never seen healthcare any better. After my experience (as well as my sister and friends) I can hereby bestow on Dr. Kuri (and his incredible team!) the title of “Doctor Extraordinaire- King of the Lap-Band.

– Linda Sandman

* Results may vary.