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Developing the Right Mindset After Lap-Band or Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Developing the Right Mindset After Lap-Band or Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Have you ever wondered why people who win millions of dollars from playing the lottery, eventually end up losing it all, and sometimes find themselves more broke than before, knee deep in debt?

The problem arises because they were not skilled at budgeting their finances before the win fall. Having won a great deal of money they still lacked the skills to budget this new found wealth and treated with their same skill level as before. Having more money did nothing to change the mindset they had before they had acquired their new wealth. They haven’t developed the mindset of a rich and wealthy person. A businessman or entrepreneur that has earned a lot of money has developed the right mindset by developing the skills to acquire and manage their wealth, and therefore he/she can handle being rich and having lots of money. This often takes time, planning, making good decisions and patience and perseverance.

In the same way successful Weight Management after weight loss surgery requires you to develop a mindset and a philosophy about your relationship to food, about what to eat, what not to eat as often by using moderation, establishing self control boundaries, becoming more mindful and aware of food and stress triggers, continuing to educate yourself, finding the value in daily exercise. This also includes your attitude towards yourself and the world around you.  Recognize the  process where you have to work with yourself to get from the state you’re in, to a state where you wanna be. You may have entered into this process with the goal of being thinner in the same way you may buy a lottery ticket to be wealthier, but what you really want is a change of state. You want a change in how you feel, how you live.

future and pastYou want to feel good!

The ultimate goal of weight loss most often can be summed up into a change in how you feel about yourself. You want to feel powerful, attractive, healthy, full of energy, vibrant and alive! You want to be able to live your life to the max. To be able to do that, you have some work to do with yourself to change your old Mindset.

For something to change, you have to change. It doesn’t matter if it comes to wealth, health, relationships or weight. First of all you have to get the foundation of your weight transformation cemented. You must now WHY you want to lose weight! Otherwise you will slip when the going gets tough, and you will go right back to your old familiar patterns.

The foundation of all success is to have a written goal and a powerful “WHY”. This is a step that is often skipped and may be the reason for failed attempts of the past. Before your decision to have weight loss surgery, you may have felt  totally lacking in motivational energy, disappointed with your self and all the times you tried to lose weight, you may have  felt unattractive, or that weight loss was unattainable to you.  That is a lot of emotional pain to carry.

Everything we humans do is either to gain pleasure or avoid pain. The condition you find yourself in, the amount of weight you have gained and the physical and mental condition you are in right now, is caused by the things you have done either to avoid pain or gain pleasure, either consciously or unconsciously. If you contemplate this thought you will find it to be very true. Most people don’t become over weight because they are really, really hungry. They become over weight by using food to either soothe an emotional need (to keep from feeling bad) or by the pleasure a particular food feels when they eat it (to feel good). This process of using food to both soothe or promote pleasure may have gone relatively UN-noticed at the time, and for that reason is a pattern that has been allowed to repeat it’s self over and over again until excess weight is the result.

Like winning the lottery does not automatically make you better at handling your money, in the same way having weight loss surgery does not  magically change your relationship with food without you working on changing your mindset and approach to cooping with the reasons you gained weight in the first place.

Tips-For-Starting-To-Lose-Weight-LossWe don’t expect that one article will set you on the right path. Weight loss is often referred to as a journey. That is because it is about what you discover and learn on your way to a new thinner life. Please take some time to use the resources in our Patient Support section on this website. By continuing to develop your skills to a different mindset you empower yourself to your successful completion of your goal to a happy, healthy, full life you always ways dreamed of.

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