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How to Start a Weight Loss Blog

|||How to Start a Weight Loss Blog

How to Start a Weight Loss Blog


When it comes to losing weight, being accountable for your actions is one of the main ways to find long-term success. Start a weight loss blog and invite your online friends to read it every week. It may feel strange baring your soul and telling your secrets to people you’ve never met, but this can serve as an informal support group on your journey. Putting your diet details in writing, both the good and bad, will force you to face the consequences of your actions. If you don’t want to let down your readers, you may have second thoughts before going to the Chinese buffet.

Use a blog as a weight loss tool.

Blog instead of eating.

Blogging can be a great hobby that can fill in the times when you feel like eating but don’t need to. You can always write in your blog about what you are feeling and why, which can help keep you from eating and help you learn about yourself. The more you do it the more you will be able to turn to blogging instead of eating.

Step 1 student_working_computer

Sign up on one of the free blog sites such as Blogger or The goal of your blog is not to make money, so don’t worry about getting your own domain right now. Find a free blog site and make an account.

Step 2

Choose the layout of your blog with your tastes in mind. The design doesn’t have to have anything to do with weight loss. You will be blogging several times a week, so choose a design and color scheme that you like.

Step 3

Write a blog post every time you weigh in. Begin the post with your current weight. Write down how much you gained or lost in the past week. Be honest on the blog; don’t exaggerate any numbers. You can even write how much you’re exercising and when.

 eating-not-hungryStep 4

Post every time you have a non-scale victory, like passing up chocolate cake at work. It’s important to celebrate small victories when on a weight loss program, and not every success can be measured on the scale.

 Step 5

Write a post when you slip up. A diet blog wouldn’t be realistic if it only contained good news. Dieting is never perfect and neither is any dieter. Admit to your mistakes in writing, then write down what you plan to do the next time the situation arises.

 Step 6Girl-Looking-Mirror

Take your picture once a month and add it to a blog post. This visual record will help to emphasize your success when you’re feeling discouraged.

 Step 7

Post at least once a week for the most complete record of your weight loss journey.


Tips and Suggestions

Young women enjoy tea in a cafeFind an audience for your blog.

The whole point of your blog is to have people reading your blog to keep you accountable and motivated. Tell your family and friends about your blog so they can read it. You can also connect with other weight loss bloggers through commenting on their blogs. These people will give you a world of support once you start interacting.

Keep blogging.

Once you start your blog don’t just let it go on without updating. Try to write as often as you can, every day if you have the time. The more you write the more you will help yourself and your readers as blogging becomes a very important part of your weight loss journal

Blog your food and workouts.

For many people it helps to keep a daily food diary on your blog. You can keep track of everything you eat on the blog to help you with your weight loss efforts. You can also keep track of the workouts you do so you can keep yourself motivated to exercise.

Set your goals.

Set some mini and long term goals for your weight loss journey. When you  set goals then you will have something to work towards and something to chronicle on your blog. You can write about working toward the goals then celebrate on your blog when you meet them.

532616_10150640453508230_976869090_nShow your progress.

You can show your progress through photos that you post on your blog. You shouldn’t be shy about posting pictures or embarrassed either. Google other weight loss blog and you will see many people post their weight loss progress pictures online and use them to motivate themselves and others.




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