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JoAnn C. | Lost Over 120 lbs * Results may vary

|, Women|JoAnn C. | Lost Over 120 lbs * Results may vary

JoAnn C. | Lost Over 120 lbs * Results may vary

The hospital is wonderful, the surgery suit is modern, the equipment excellent, everything is appropriate, state of the art, and equal to standards in the USA.”

I had been over weight all of my life. When I was in my 30’s and again in my 50’s I was able to loose around 80 lbs the conventional way. When I got heavy again in my 60’s I found it very difficult to do the exercise piece of loosing weight and I felt like there wasn’t much I could do to loose the weight. I found my health issue piling up, as I got older.
At 64 I found my self with blood pressure, cholesterol, heart arrhythmia, thyroid, asthma, I had one knee replaced and was look at a 2nd knee replacement, sleep apnea, and the final straw was when my doctor told me I has borderline diabetic and we needed to start treating that as well. Well that was not going to happen, I was too cowardly to stick a needle in myself for the rest of my life and I knew I needed to do something about my life. I was worried about the impact that my weight would have on me, as I got older. I was afraid the folks at the care center would have to take me to the car wash to give me a shower. I had even wondered if I was going to have to be cremated because there weren’t going to be enough relatives to carry my body to my grave. So I talked to some folks in our town that had been banded. I called a surgeon friend of mine and also go advice and he supported my desire to do the band. I talked to five of them; it had works for four of the five. Some had been banded in Mexico and a couple in Utah. My first plan was to have the operation in Utah. I had letters from my GP and my orthopedic Surgeon telling my insurance company that I needed the operation. They would not pay for it. We appealed the rejection and they would not pay for it in Utah. They were willing to pay $40 thousand for another knee and a lifetime of prescription, but not a lap band.

So I knew I would need to go to Mexico. I set up an appointment to have the band done and was a bit frightened about going “to Mexico” to have surgery. One of our local doctors went to Dr. Kuri’s and actually went into the surgery with a patient of his that was being banded. When they returned to Utah he called me and told me about his experience and he lay to rest any concerns I might have had. He said, don’t worry about a thing, the surgical team is like watching a ballet, they have done it so many time they all know what they are doing. The hospital is wonderful, the surgery suit is modern, the equipment excellent, everything is appropriate, state of the art, and equal to standards in the USA. When I headed to Mexico I was comfortable with my decision.

I had an excellent experience with the band. I lost 120 lbs. in less than a year. I have been able to keep that weight at that place for nearly two years. I weighted 293 when Contacted Dr. Kuri, I lost 13 lbs on the liver shrinking diet before I went down there. I now weigh 170. The best part of this is the health benefits. I am still taking thyroid and a reduced dose of cholesterol. Every other health issue had disappeared. No more drugs, no Cpap masks, no knee surgery, no leg or feet problems, and best of all, no needles. The only thing that has not gotten better is my golf game. Well actually it has. I love being able to move, I am happier and healthier than I have ever been.

Two of my doctor friend here in Vernal went down after I did and have had the procedure done on them selves. They both spend a couple of days in Mexico and spend several hours in the operating room watching the Kuri team in action. They were trained and now I can get Kuri approved fill in my hometown. The one doctor took members of her family don there as well. I don’t think money was an issue for a doctor like it was for me, they have the greatest respect for Dr. Kuri and the work he does.

I have followed to protocols that I received for the lap band. I do the diet as out lined. I have found great joy in exercise. I work out at the gym three times a week; I walk every morning and afternoon. I love how I feel after I have worked out. I am so happy I make with decision and that the band gave me a tool to do the work and find freedom and health. I appreciate the health and support I got from my facilitator JoAnn Jackson. I liked Dr. Kuri the minute I met him and felt he really cared about helping people find a healthy way to live.

* Results may vary.