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Julie M | 77 pounds lost in 10 months * Results may vary

|, Women|Julie M | 77 pounds lost in 10 months * Results may vary

Julie M | 77 pounds lost in 10 months * Results may vary

juliemorales-ssI am a 33-year-old mom who has struggled with weight my whole life.  After I delivered my first son, I started doing some research on the Lapband. I talked to one of Dr. Kuri’s nurses and just wanted to learn more! While I was pregnant with my second son, my husband and I went to visit Dr. Kuri’s facility and were beyond impressed. Shortly after that I set my surgery date.
I had my surgery on January 26th 2013. The experience was great. The band has helped me re-structure my life. I am now able to focus on 1400 calories every day. I still crave treats but I eat them once a week instead of every day. I track my calories with a notebook and pen. I work from home so it’s easy to keep that journal on my counter and write anything I eat, on the notebook.
My knees are not good. The cartilage is already worn away on both of them. My doctor says I need them replaced but I’m too young so I have to go easy on them for another 10 years. He instructed me to swim or walk. I try to walk, with my boys, three times each week. I figure the extra 70 pounds I push in the stroller increases the intensity a bit. Now that I have lost 77 pounds (* Results may vary), I have gotten back in to Spinning. I love the bike and it is much easier with the weight off. I love shopping again! I used to be a size 24 in pants, 2X in shirts and I just bought a pair of size 16 jeans and a LARGE shirt! I made it to ONE-derland ☺ It has been 15 years since I’ve been in the one-hundreds. My number goal is 170 but my overall goal is to be enough under 200 pounds that even at my very most pregnant, I am never 200 pounds again. I want to have two more children. I am hoping that the next time I am pregnant, it will be a completely different experience. When I delivered my second son, I weighed 290 pounds. Everything was hard.
I have enjoyed keeping a weight loss journal. I took before pictures (that I didn’t even want to develop) in my swimming suit, in a doorway. Boy, am I glad I have those now! I put the pictures in, along with my thoughts. One of my entries includes my reasons for losing weight. Some of those reasons include: to keep up with my kids, to not be considered “high risk” when I’m pregnant again, to fit in an airplane seat comfortable, to be a good example and inspire others and to prove the doubters wrong ☺
2013 has been my year! Not every day is easy but I stay motivated by surrounding myself with the right people. This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so grateful for the Lapband, Dr. Kuri and his whole team.

* Results may vary.