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Rediscover yourself!

|||Rediscover yourself!

Rediscover yourself!

This is another response I pulled out of the archive, that maybe helpful. Ann asks a good question.

Here is what she had to say.

Hi Gena,

Thank you for all of your postings. They are really comforting. I want to ask you something though. You said you have been banded for 5 years (over 8yrs. now). Is your band still in? Have you ever had any problems since the initial surgery or had to go back to see Dr. Kuri (other than for fills)?


And when you have reached your weight loss goal what do you do about the band? Do you just let it “empty” and keep in in? Tell me a little about your life after your weight goal has been met? And how long can the band stay in after your weight goal is met?


Thanks, Ann

Hello Ann

Good questions.

I have got to say that my Lap Band Journey has not been without trial and error, it seems we all have to go through this process. But, by trial and error I mean that you do need time to learn and realize that things are going to be different for now on. It is human nature to test the boundaries of our band, and at some point you will cross that line.

But the thing is if you learned a valuable lesson, of what not to do, then you begin to move forward in your progress. But if you continue to fight the band, by making bad food choices, forcing food, frequent PB episodes, keep the band too tight, not getting that water in. You will find that you will struggle and get frustrated.

As to your question about my band. Yes, I still and always will have my band.

The reason is I think of weight loss the same way alcoholics look at sobriety, we are recovering not cured. Even with my knowledge, training, and discipline, I know that the monster is only sleeping. My fill level is at 1.7 in a 4cc band. This is a perfect level for me and has been for three years now.

This level reminds me to eat a reasonable portion. And has been a frequent reminder that we want to keep the monster at bay.

There is no medical reason to remove it. And research suggest that patients that have lost all their weight have gained all or most back if they have the band removed.

As far as my surgery and following, I had no complications of any kind. In fact I didn’t have any pain post op, and didn’t bother to fill the prescription.

My best advice to you is;

Come to terms with the change you now must do.

Make yourself accountable to that change.

Trial and error is not failure, but rather a opportunity to improve.

Have a plan and a vision for your weight loss- why is it important to you?

Make reasonable goals along the way, and reward yourself for breakthroughs.

Take small steps – every great journey starts with a single step.

And last Remember that it is your bodies timing not yours- don’t get disappointed when you don’t see weight loss every week, that is not realistic. Do the right things and your body will respond in time.

I hope this helps.

Gena Brown